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Baltimore County Home Team

Friendly Visits to Homebound Older Adults

Social engagement and support systems are important for everyone, but especially older adults. As people age, it becomes more difficult to remain connected to the community. The likelihood of isolation increases due to a variety of life-changing factors. Isolation can lead to loneliness, depression, fear, anxiety, malnutrition, rapid health decline, and other mental disorders. Fortunately, with the help of generous people willing to donate their time, energy and talents, we are able to enhance the quality of lives of those individuals at risk.

Through the Baltimore County Home Team, volunteers provide friendly in-home and telephone visits to eligible older adults who lack social supports and are at risk of social isolation.

Persons assigned to a home team volunteer are Baltimore County residents age 60 or over who have been referred by a human services agency. Volunteers are asked to make a six-month commitment of approximately one hour a week and are matched with people in their neighborhoods.

This program, which operates through the Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA), provides ongoing training and recognition to volunteers. This program reflects a caring sense of community, providing reassurance and security to older persons wishing to remain in their own homes and at the same time providing satisfaction to volunteers.

For more information about volunteering with Baltimore County Home Team, visit the volunteer recruitment page.

"Visits with my homebound friend are a time of joyful discovery."

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