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Online Resources

The following online resources are produced by the Baltimore County Department of Aging.


The following publications are produced by the Baltimore County Department of Aging (unless otherwise noted) and are available by emailing or calling 410-887-2594.

  • Time of Your Life Digest—The Department of Aging's newspaper, formerly Senior Digest, is filled with informative and entertaining articles essential to older adults, including updates on Medicare and Social Security, travel opportunities and senior center events.
  • This Card Could Save Your Life—Known as the Orange Refrigerator Card, this card has space to list all your medications and other medical information. Emergency medical personnel look for this card on refrigerators in time of emergency.
  • Nursing Homes: What You Need to Know—A publication of the Maryland Attorney General's Office, intended for anyone looking at the possibility of needing nursing home care for themselves, family members or friends.
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