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Cases Filed Between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021

Below are orders issued by Baltimore County Administrative Law Judges as a result of various types of public hearings or decisions from administrative actions. Select the appropriate link to find the decision you would like to view or print. Signed copies of these orders are available from the Office of Zoning.

These orders are available by the month in which they were signed, petitioner name, case number, decision type and address or location.

Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address or LocationTypeMonth Signed
2019-0255-SPHFlying J. Ranch, LLC2006 Far Out LaneSpecial HearingJuly 2020
2019-0431-SPHSummer Hill Club, Inc.13709 A Harcum RoadMotion for Partial ReconsiderationJuly 2020
2019-0534-XWhitemarsh Associates, LLC5401 Campbell BoulevardSpecial ExceptionJuly 2020
2020-0041-XW ARC PH Square Owner VIII, LLC4313 Ebenezer RoadSpecial ExceptionJuly 2020
2020-0126-AWayne Jackum317 Sassafras RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0127-AJoshua and Erika Slater2711 Old Court RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0128-AZachary Summers and Taylor Shirk1731 Brookview RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0129-AVictoria L. Rummel4213 Cottington RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0134-AMelvin W. Ansell2805 Northwind RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0135-ADonna Echols6712 North River RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0137-ANeil Brownawell and Jean W. Scheffenacker15320 York RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0141-AKevin M. and Joy M. Dunn7432 Brookwood AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0143-AMark and Heather Kendal5721 McCormick AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0039-SPHAMichael S. Martin5222 Byerly RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0044-SPHAMonica Watts6721 Mount Vista RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0045-SPHKeith Tinsley317 Academy AvenueSpecial HearingJuly 2020
2020-0061-SPHADavid Turner and Rebecca Taylor13026 Harford RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0122-AWayne S. and Karen Koski-Miller127 Church RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0146-ASteven J. and Sarah Willner6804 Maurleen RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2020
2020-0147-AHarry L. Shaw630 Debaugh AvenueAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0148-ACharles and Robin Hundley2005 Belfast RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0149-ACarol and William Randall16610 Old York RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0154-ATimothy J. and Jilda L. Bateman2406 Stonewall CourtAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0155-AJoshua P. and Angela V. Horman318 Stonewall RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0158-ASteven I. and Avital M. Friedman6715 Old Pimlico RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0161-APeter F. Raab Jr. and Lisa R. Raab5927 Loreley Beach RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0164-AHenry P. and Elizabeth N. Smyth2312 Garrett RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0166-AHoward R. and Susan R. Shearer3306 Tray LaneAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0167-AStephen and Catherine Feinman1023 Beach RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0169-AWilliam P. and Amy S. Matschulat4708 Ridge RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, LLC, Legal Owner; Isaac Yair, Lessee520 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0043-AAnna Oster3 Oak Hollow CourtVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0054-AThomas and Justine Radtke4103 Glen Park RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0080-AKilmarnock Associates Limited Partnership1920 York RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0110-SPHCatherine Brown298 Montrose AvenueSpecial HearingAugust 2020
2018-0096-XACEC Tollgate, LLC10620 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0028-AAlbert and Deborah Spence4516 Old Court RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0056-AMatthew P. and Maria F. Cesnik907 Adana RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0069-AChadwick Manor, LLC, Legal Owner; Deloitte, LLP, Contract Purchaser7111 Security BoulevardVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0151-AJohn H. and Deborah A. Clark6603 Carol RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0173-AChristian Clifton5625 Ashbourne RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0177-AKelly M. Zink14506 Misty Valley RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0181-AThomas P. and Amanda C. Nieto1400 Wilson Point RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0032-SPHAClyde Slacum2301 Walnut AveSpecial Hearing and VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0059-AMeher, LLC c/o Alireza Nejad3309 E. Joppa RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0062-AFrederick and Louise Auffarth1740 Drexel RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0183-AMichael Ward Jr. and Shakira Ward1016 Quietwood CourtAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0185-APatricia Smith13230 Long Green PikeAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0188-AJason and Michelle Fedash3235 Pelger RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0189-ADavid A. Katz and Rebecca A. Leaf3303 Tray LaneAdministrative VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0050-AVernon J. Chilcote and Jane L. Goldstrom3112 Mt. Zion RoadVarianceAugust 2020
2020-0064-XACarol J. Santamaria18310 Gunpowder RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceAugust 2020
2020-0024-SPHARicky Lee Fowble4228 Osborn RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0066-AWilliam and Judith A. Kurek9106 Hinton AvenueVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0067-SPHAWilliam J. and Judith A. KurekLot 45 Adjacent to 9106 Hinton AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0180-ANettie R. Hines9301 Tulsemere RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0194-AShlomo and Menucha Weiss2402 Hunt DriveAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0201-AJohnathan Tyler Busha and Kolleen Busha7300 Temple LaneAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2019-0437-SPHJacqueline R. Frank14721 Manor RoadSpecial HearingSeptember 2020
2020-0077-A2816 Old North Point, LLC2816 Old North PointVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0065-SPHAThe Agape Christian Church100 East Timonium RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0074-AWells Fargo Bank, N.A1730 York RoadVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0055-XEssex Plaza, LLC122 Eastern AvenueSpecial ExceptionSeptember 2020
2020-0204-AChristopher and Jessica B. Weston11181 Ridgemont RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0205-AKaren R. Gatzke and Sharon M. Rossi508 Hilton AvenueAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0209-AMark R. Schreder4808 Carmella DriveAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0072-AIsham, LLC2419 Crestnoll RoadVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0088-AEric Taylor2209 Sparrow Point RoadVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0215-AMichael and Nora O’Hara3206 Blenheim RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0216-APaul Pollutra Jr.4715 Mawani RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0081-AMedstar Ambulatory Services, Inc. 9103 Franklin Square DriveVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0086-AMark Bocklage13 Cockpit StreetVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0101-ACarney Village LTD Partnership9613 Harford RoadVarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0206-AChad N. and Gabriela Wasileski19418 Spooks Hill RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0217-ABryan and Heidi Kelly513 Club LaneAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0032-SPHAClyde Slacum2301 Walnut AvenueSpecial HearingSeptember 2020
2020-0071-XLighthouse, Inc.60 Mellor AvenueSpecial ExceptionSeptember 2020
2020-0079-SPHJohn P. Fitts Jr.9611 McDaniel AvenueSpecial HearingSeptember 2020
2020-0113-SPHAMichael and Terri Poleski8208 Millers Island RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceSeptember 2020
2020-0096-SPHAThe Israel of God3113 Richwood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0102-ACrosswinds at Rolling Road Apartments2623 Rolling RoadVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0109-SPHThomas and Patricia Eltringham215 Patapsco AvenueSpecial HearingOctober 2020
2020-0076-SPHA8703 Belair, LLC, Legal Owner; JKM RE Company, LLC, Contract Purchaser8703 Belair RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0115-AAvalon Foundry Row, LLC9830 Reisterstown RoadVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0117-SPHAColonial Stoler, LLC11309-11311 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0159-XAEugene S. Lorenzo, Legal Owner; Belair Hill, LLC, Contract Purchaser/Lessee8100-8110 Belair RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0225-AGlenn D. Henley13402 B Manor RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0227-AMohamad M. and Milly Jamal521 East Seminary AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0228-AKarin L. Hastings-Miller7500 Holabird AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0231-AClaudia P. Gilmore2016 Rolling RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2019-0437-SPHJacqueline R. Frank14721 Manor RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2020
2020-0043-AAnna Oster3 Oak Hollow CourtVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0121-ARJ and Susinn Tosato, Legal Owners; Robert Griffin, Contract Purchaser3941 North Point RoadVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0133-SPHCatherine Ann Orzolek/Noreen Honeycutt4005 Briar Point RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2020
2020-0202-AGregory O. and Rita R. Ward3944 Chaffey RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0232-ATod Joseph and Amanda Marie Reuschling909 Kingston RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
11-1133 and 2020-0052-SPHJoppa-Chapel Investments, LLC9149 Rexis Avenue1st Material Amendment Development PlanOctober 2020
2020-0120-AReggie and Josie Dowell359 Stillwater RoadVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0136-AJun Yu Li and Yong Yi Wu3608 Washington BoulevardVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0144-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC10240 aka 10210 Mill Run CircleVarianceOctober 2020
2020-0191-ATia Beasley-Foster and Priscilla L. Brown11532 Garrison Forest RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0212-AIra L. Oring and Nancy L. Oring57 Bellchase CourtAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0240-ALarry and Alex Paglia109 Greenridge RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0241-ARonald and Claudia Kauffman8819 Ridgleys Choice DriveAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0243-ACynthia A. Berman4 Stone Row CourtAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0244-AJennifer Lynn Larkin18 Dixie DriveAdministrative VarianceOctober 2020
2020-0184-ATPA Properties 2, LLC, Legal Owners; Diana P. Patille, Contract Purchaser6001 Bethlehem BoulevardVarianceOctober 2020
08-0144Atapco Deereco, LLC9690 Deereco Road and 375 West Padonia RoadDevelopment PlanOctober 2020
2020-0125-SPHAMark A. Kukucka12402 Jerusalem RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0131-AElizabeth Sligh2024 Middleborough RoadVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0249-ABarry J. and Judith E. Nabozny3517 Overbrook RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2019-0514-ARegent Development Company, Legal Owner; William H. Schaefer, Nationwide Motor Sales, Inc., Lessee1600 York RoadVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0124-SPHABaltimore Christian Faith Center, Inc.10240 Liberty RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0153-XAStokes Real Estate, LLC Legal Owner; Patrick Richardson Jr., Contract Purchaser/Lessee7 Deneison AvenueSpecial Exception and VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0247-AEdward R. Luers 3rd and Jennifer L. Luers1320 Birch AvenueAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0248-AIrvin Naiman2705 Geartner RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0253-AWillie Irvin and Gwendolyn P. Lewis14 Charleswood CourtAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0140-AEdwin C. Perez1955 Ewald AvenueVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0162-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC3708 Patapsco AvenueVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0172-APatrick and Linda Kerr3500 A Galloway RoadVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0176-AThomas M. Phillips and Shirley M. PhillipsSeneca RoadVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0182-AMaddiemack, LLC, Legal Owner; Northpoint Development, LLC, Contract Purchaser6400 and 6402 Falls RoadVarianceNovember 2020
2020-0168-SPHHenry and Risa Jampel6499 Darnell RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2020
2020-0257-AWilliam and Joan Staicos9834 Fox Hill RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0260-AWilliam A. Martin IV and Jennifer L. Martin67 Cinder RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0263-AMelyssa A. and Patrick N. Kenney11605 Terry Town DriveAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0264-ABrian M. and Susan L. Harris17825 Marshall Mill RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0268-AMark C. and Kaitlin Baer (formerly Ruddell)125 Taunton AvenueAdministrative VarianceNovember 2020
2020-0119-SPHASara S. Rowan3925 Dance Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0150-SPHAMary and Donald Sloat16323 Matthews RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0152-XAPrism Realty Enterprises, LLC, Legal Owner; DaShawn Bailey, Lessee8106 Harford RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0174-SPHNancy L. Wilkey and Betty J. Ruano6072 Falls RoadSpecial HearingDecember 2020
2020-0175-AMarlind Homes, LLC30 Stemmers Run RoadVarianceDecember 2020
2020-0186-AAZ Nottingham, LLC8601 Belair RoadVarianceDecember 2020
2020-0187-SPHAElizabeth Anne Martin and Wayne Allen Thompson1933 Bulls Sawmill RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0190-SPHXIrvine Natural Science Center, Inc.Garrison Forest RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionDecember 2020
2020-0198-SPHSteven G. Hamilton and Maria N. HamiltonStansbury Mill RoadSpecial HearingDecember 2020
2020-0199-SPHAEstate of Maurice J. Duca11804 Manor RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0203-ABrian M. Hamilton7101 River DriveVarianceDecember 2020
2020-0273-ADavid S. and Kellie M. Langley504 Wilton RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0196-SPHAAngely Bissessar, Haimwattie Bissessar and Michel Bissessar8728 Oakleigh RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0197-AEliza Jamison1321 Seneca RoadVarianceDecember 2020
2020-0200-SPHARossville, LLC, Legal Owners; Tractor Supply Company, Contract Purchaser/Lessee9504 Philadelphia Road and 9506-9544 Philadelphia RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0203-ABrian M. Hamilton1027 Marshsane RoadVarianceDecember 2020
2020-0207-SPHShrevus Panchigar248 Clyde AvenueSpecial HearingDecember 2020
2020-0278-AHillel A. and Alana M. Goldman6609 Shelrick PlaceAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0279-AMark Louis Levy and Susan Hyatt Levy3236 Pelger RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0281-APrashant Verghese and Suja Prashant9014 Sunni Perch CourtAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0284-AJeffrey Warner1302 Birch AvenueAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
02-0701 and 2020-0145-ABVS Holdings, LLC3002, 3010, 3022 North Rolling Road and 3711 Clifmar RoadVariance and Development PlanDecember 2020
2020-0259-AJeffrey and Charlotte Radcliffe and Bonifacio R. Fernando Jr.2016 Freeland RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0271-ADeborah A. Dawson11100 Bird River Grove RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0277-ADorothy Lynn Moore and Mary Beth Moore11233 Beach RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0283-AMaureen Kenny2208 Pleasant View AvenueAdministrative VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0193-SPHANorino Properties, LLC; John Zorzit, Legal Owner; Blue Heron Holdings, LLC, Lessee1100, 1104, 1110, 1112, 1116 Beech DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2020
2020-0208-ARobert Scott1211 Engleberth RoadVarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0223-SPHGordon Kelly4948 Tulip AvenueSpecial HearingJanuary 2021
2020-0276-AOscar H. and Rossina L. Ramirez2311 Winterwood RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0282-AThomas J. Taylor Jr.17415 Wesley Chapel RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0289-ARyan Scott and Colleen A. Moore105 Oak AvenueAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0221-SPHAAllison M. Rich and Weston R. Park19675 Eagle Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0274-AEric B. Owens and Kaysan Johnson-Owens711 Wilson Green CourtAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0291-AMichael and Na Hutton6411 Catalpa RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0292-AGuy B. White and Clare D. White2 Thorndyke GarthAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0293-ALeah Bracey1052 Marleigh CircleAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0295-AJason R. Navari and Amy R. Auerbach10912 Hunt Pass CourtAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
11-1114Crossroads Reserve, LLC9655 Belair RoadPUD Development PlanJanuary 2021
2020-0160-SPHXCatonsville Presbyterian Church1400 Frederick RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionJanuary 2021
2020-0218-SPHMorris L. Bohlayer and Sharon A. Bohlayer920 Freeland RoadSpecial HearingJanuary 2021
2020-0220-AArthur W. Nauman and Sahar Farouk Nauman14012 Phoenix RoadVarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0222-ASister Servants of Mary Immaculate, Inc.1222 Tugwell DriveVarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0234-ADr. Crystal Greene8632 Windmill RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0294-AJamie and Richard Bandelin, et al13203 Beaver Dam RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0298-AMaurice V. and Monique Y. Wise29 Millstone RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0303-AMichael J. and P. Yvonne Rekus16901 A Gorsuch Mill RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0229-SPHARCG Revocable TrustButler Road SpecialSpecial Hearing and VarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0005-XBoulevard Christian Church, Legal Owner; Churches for Streets of Hope, Inc., Lessee920 Essex AvenueSpecial ExceptionJanuary 2021
2019-0541-SPHSamuel and Michaeline Yaffee2800 Monkton RoadSpecial HearingJanuary 2021
2020-0233-AMichael and Julie Eagan21023 Slab Bridge RoadVarianceJanuary 2021
2020-0239-AJoseph A. Hosier and Lisa M. Hosier1 Kincaid CourtVarianceJanuary 2021
03-0518Keller Road, LLC1831 Reisterstown RoadPUD Development PlanFebruary 2021
2020-0210-ABishop C.N. Bailey and his Successor Trustees, as Trustee for the United House Of Prayer for all People of the Church On the Rock of the Apostolic FaithKenwood AvenueVarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0251-AChrist Dominion Church of God International10206 Liberty RoadVarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0252-SPHDulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Inc200 East Padonia RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2021
2020-0262-SPHAWhite Marsh Plaza Trust7900 thru 7990 Honeygo BoulevardSpecial Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0307-AJeffrey P. and Angela Y. Buerhaus9401 Avondale RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0308-ATommy D. and Barbara A. Burke15827 Yeoho RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2021-0005-AMelvin D. and Julie L. Kestner800 Middle RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2021-0011-ANorman E. Boone III and Danette Mary Boone12415 Wolbert WayAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2021-0014-AWilliam J. Howell Jr. and Constance M. Howell9119 Avenue BAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0226-SPHHerbert Schafer Jr.21201 West Liberty RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2021
09-0737Baltimore Ellen Rehabilitation8620 Ellen CourtDevelopment PlanFebruary 2021
2020-0105-SPHMildred D. Hammen Emily R. Wessel, Trustee Tri-Star Development106 110 Maple AvenueSpecial HearingFebruary 2021
2019-0510-SPHAJames C. Beattie Jr.17 Cliffholme RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0100-SPHPTL RE Cor. care of Jim Finnerty15605 Dark Hollow RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2021
2020-0246-SPHA1323 Greenwood, LLC, Legal Owner; Peter Garver/Pikesville Self Storage, LLC, Petitioners1323 Greenwood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2021
2019-0541-SPHSamuel and Michaeline Yaffee2800 Monkton RoadMotion for Reconsideration and Special HearingFebruary 2021
2020-0236-AToro Services, LLC1639 Hopewell AvenueVarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0269-ASt. Charles Borromeo’s Roman Catholic Congregation, Incorporated, Legal Owners; John MacSherry, Contract Purchasers110 West Sudbrook LaneVarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0272-AKenilworth Limited Partnership, Legal Owners; Pike Howard, Contract Purchasers841 Kenilworth DriveVarianceFebruary 2021
09-0867Manzo Development, LLC formerly known as 706 Washington Avenue706 Washington AvenueDevelopment PlanFebruary 2021
2020-0275-SPHABrian and Kelly Pieninck1410 Gerber LaneSpecial Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2021
2021-0016-AMatthew T. and Mary Newcomb5714 First AvenueAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2021-0022-AAmy L. Hribar and Tomasz A. Kubicz515 Sussex RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2021
2020-0261-SPHElizabeth and Ziad Bakri900 Army RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2021
2020-0132-SPHABruce A. Goldman and Freda Goldman6603-6605 Pimlico RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0270-SPHAGod With Us, LLC8607 Liberty RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0286-SPHAStephen and Jeanette Guy9 Chilhowie CourtSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0025-AMichael and Lana Marie Condon1316 Chesapeake AvenueAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0026-ADaniel R. and Lindsay A. Redfield720 Chapel Ridge RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0034-AGeorge S. Rogers Jr. and Marie T. Rogers, et al1445 Galena RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
09-0866 and 2020-0267-ARed Maple Place Limited Partnership407 East Joppa RoadDevelopment PlanMarch 2021
2020-0242-XAMerritt-LB1, LLC, Legal Owner; WLR Holding Company, Inc., Contract Purchaser/Lessee3500 and 3504 Washington BoulevardSpecial Exception and VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0001-SPHMelissa and Joseph Mihm13614 Devon Brook RoadSpecial HearingMarch 2021
03-0523 and 2020-0073-SPHAWoodholme Country Club, Inc.300 Woodholme AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationMarch 2021
2020-0245-ABabak and Mahshid Sophia Zarabaian6502 Steerforth CourtVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0258-AEric and Rivka Leichter6809 Chippewa DriveVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0266-ARobert and Concetta DiMarino13029 Fork RoadVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0170-AJorge R. Barbecho7235 Bridge Wood DriveVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0211-SPHXADan Mar Enterprises, LLC, 10825 Beaver Dam Road, LLC10901 McCormick Road and 10825 Beaver Dam RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and in the alternative for VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0230-SPHXAHouse of Der, Inc.8109 Liberty RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0255-SPHAThe Comforts of Home LLC9917 Liberty RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0280-AJames W. and Cushla M. Srour2531 Barrison Point RoadVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0285-SPHAMG Michael, Inc.2343 W. Joppa RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0287-AKristen F. Finkelstein and Brian E Finkelstein3120 Caves RoadVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0288-A2nd Baltimore Acquisition, LLC19700 York RoadVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0301-AEskandar Yazaji705 Weil Mandel WayVarianceMarch 2021
2021-0003-ARodolfo and Patricia Bosenberg1005 Cold Spring RoadVarianceMarch 2021
2021-0007-AGallery Church of Baltimore, Inc.502-504 Fairview AvenueVarianceMarch 2021
2021-0033-AWayne L. and Denise R. Chesner3300 Tray LaneAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0006-SPHCarlyle Montanye III, Gettier-Montanye, Incorporated; Estate of Carlyle N. Montanye Jr.4510, 4600 Prospect AvenueSpecial HearingMarch 2021
2021-0030-AStephen J. Jonke and Rebekah M. Remington-Jonke8 Cedarwood RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0008-XAFrances L. Fischer, Legal Owner; Green Clean Auto Wash, Contract Purchaser/Lessee8711 Liberty RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0036-AMatthew S. and Sarah E. Paul2301 Gross AvenueAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0038-AStephen B. and Deborah L. Gerlach7 Blackforest RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0045-AMark and Emily Wachtmeister6311 Pinehurst RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2021
2020-0297-SPHASREIT Kelso Drive, LLC, Legal Owner; Services, LLC, Lessee22 Marshfield CourtSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
01-0349 and 2020-0219-ATerence and Michele Healy, Owner/Applicant; Foxhall Manor, LLC, care of Gaylord Brooks Realty Co., Inc. Developer6020 Foxhall Manor DriveDevelopment PlanMarch 2021
2020-0290-AFrancis D. Kemp, Jr. and Elizabeth R. Kemp3706 Patapsco AvenueVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0300-AMcDonald’s USA, LLC; McDonalds Corporation7732 and 7734 Wise AvenueVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0300-A-AmendMcDonald’s USA, LLC; McDonalds Corporation7732 and 7734 Wise AvenueVarianceMarch 2021
2020-0309-SPHA2429 Lightfoot, LLC2429 Lightfoot DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2021
2021-0018-AHonor A. Walesby16 Dutton AvenueVarianceApril 2021
2021-0023-A and 2021-0024-SPHAEstate of Evelyn Elliott, Legal Owner; Kim Carroll, Contract Purchaser and Glenhurst Road, Legal Owner; Mason Properties, Inc., Contract Purchaser3903 Glenhurst RoadVarianceApril 2021
2021-0051-AMichael Schuster and Lauren Lynch3302 Tray LaneAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0054-AChristopher J. and Jessica L. Hughes713 Hollow RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0063-AJacqueline and Chris Norman17216 Wesley Chapel RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0065-AJenny P. Daley-Kess9123 Summer Park DriveAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0069-ATroy Lee and Mary Lou Ray7531 Mount Vista RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
11-1168Chapel Estates, LLC4258 Chapel RoadDevelopment PlanApril 2021
2020-0179-SPHAYahrzeit Memorials Inc.7020 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceApril 2021
2020-0265-ARoberto Aguilera8109 Walnut AvenueVarianceApril 2021
2020-0302-AJohn E. and Michele M. Clifton14017 Foxland RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2020-0004-XJoan Sauter Stephens, Carrol Sauter and Dawn Sauter Marszal, Legal Owners; Lion One, LLC, LesseeW/S Ridge 350 ft. N/Dogwood RoadSpecial ExceptionApril 2021
2021-0013-SPHRichard W. Windsor and Kathleen R. Windsor20061 Middletown RoadSpecial HearingApril 2021
2021-0009-SPHGilroy, LLCGilroy RoadSpecial HearingApril 2021
2021-0017-SPHAJustin Sapp Sr. and Crystal Sapp14 Gerwell CourtSpecial Hearing and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0017-SPHA-AmendJustin Sapp Sr. and Crystal Sapp14 Gerwell CourtSpecial Hearing and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0027-SPHJoseph A. Hosier and Lisa M. Hosier1 Kincaid CourtSpecial HearingApril 2021
2020-0192-APatricia Wolfe8027 Hillendale RoadVarianceApril 2021
2021-0028-SPHADavid J. and Shellie H Krajewski3522 Glenwood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0035-AJeffrey F. and Kristen C. Lawrence600 Windwood RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0048-AHenry and Constance R. Curry3914 Klausmier RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0069-ATroy Lee and Mary Lou Ray7531 Mount Vista RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0071-AAnthony G. and Alicia Garcia Ward4440 Bucks School House RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0073-AJason M. Bonadio12 Fairwood View CourtAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0077-AMark A. and Cynthia M. Kendrick15306 Carroll RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0050-SPHAOuty Properties, LLC, Legal Owner; James R. and Ernestine R. Hurtt, Contract PurchasersPark Heights AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0010-SPHXPasqualena, LLC.20517 Keeney Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionApril 2021
2021-0019-ADominion Rental Holdings, LLC8520 Castlemill CircleVarianceApril 2021
2021-0021-AGast Construction Co., Inc.1119 Chester RoadVarianceApril 2021
2021-0032-AHerbert and Helen Hexter3208 Shelbourne RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0039-AJeffrey J. and Katherine S. Patti1215 Sparks RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0042-ARonald Dupye8340 Scotts Level RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0084-AJoseph and Katherine Orenstein603 Windwood RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2020-0179-SPHA-AmendYahrzeit Memorials Inc.7020 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing, Variance and Motion for ReconsiderationApril 2021
2021-0056-A and 2021-0057-ATrade Craft Homes, LLCLot 11 Poplar Avenue and Lot 12 Poplar AvenueVarianceApril 2021
2021-0087-AClement W. Cugle and Tonya N. Wells2016 Drummond RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0088-ASasha T. Turner-Bryson and Howard Bryson499 A Epsom RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0089-AKimberly Guercio2938 Edgewood RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2021-0091-AThomas A. and Ashley K. Oliver200 Meadowvale RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2021
2020-0304-SPHXASuburban Orthodox Congregation7504-7514 Seven Mile LaneSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0020-SPHRachel A. Cantori, Renee Cantori and Michael G. Cantori29 Pelczar AvenueSpecial HearingApril 2021
2021-0067-SPHXAHV Dealership Properties, LLC10240 and 10260 York RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceApril 2021
2021-0053-AKensington Associates care of Kimco Realty Corporation4622 Wilkens AvenueVarianceMay 2021
2021-0073-AJason M. Bonadio12 Fairwood View CourtMotion for Reconsideration and Administrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0046-AFP Sub, LLC, Legal Owner; McDonald’s Corporation, Contract Purchaser7927 Belair RoadVarianceMay 2021
01-0613 and 2021-0076-ASecurity Boulevard Ventures LLC, care of Caves Valley Partners7726 Johnnycake RoadVariance and Development PlanMay 2021
2020-0130-XAVialy J. Baez-Pena8241 Eastern AvenueSpecial Exception and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0037-SPHVirginia S. Kenney, deceased, by Harry Kenney, Executor639 Plymouth RoadSpecial HearingMay 2021
2021-0040-SPHAOakleigh Road, LLC8649 Oakleigh RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0052-AMark Joseph Twardzik10804 Acme AvenueAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0055-SPH110% Sports Ventures, LLC1400 Coppermine TerraceSpecial HearingMay 2021
2021-0068-ATalisman Towson LP, care of Kimco Realty Corporation, Legal Owner; Caren Garfield, Authorized Agent, Contract Purchaser1238 Putty Hill AvenueVarianceMay 2021
2021-0074-ADwayne E. and La-Keshia A. Williams1309 Midmeadow RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0078-AHarold M. Walter and Ann H. Walter9 Huntersworth CourtVarianceMay 2021
2021-0083-SPHAMark Stoute and Dawn Stoute801 Hilltop RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0086-A3813 LLC3813 North Point BoulevardVarianceMay 2021
2021-0059-AWilliam A. and Mary E. McFaul516 E. Seminary AvenueVarianceMay 2021
2021-0060-AJonathan M. and Mary Herring9240 Old Harford RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0075-AMMGE Properties, LLC3000 New York AvenueVarianceMay 2021
2021-0080-XAJake and Jill Properties, LLC6667 Security BoulevardSpecial Exception and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0093-AAdele C. Donald and George F. Donald, Jr.13 Country Hill CourtAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0096-AGregory and Samantha Foti942 Piney Hill RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0100-ASteven Andrew Mitchell8822 Fox CircleAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0103-AGregory and Christa Zalewski9128 A Cowenton AvenueAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2020-0106-AGregory T. and Marcie B. Wendell123 Saint Thomas LaneAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0113-AZvi and Hillary D. Spivack5 Richards Green CourtAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0117-AStephen D. and Vicki L. Sappe1000 Katy LaneAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0120-AJoey Chris Carter9242 Old Harford RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0044-SPHANorth Plaza, LLC8858 Waltham Woods RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0049-ADaniel M. and Stephanie A. Gallagher7900 Ruxwood RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0061-SPHABrian G. Knapp and Rana L. Knapp11109 Towood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceMay 2021
2021-0072-ALukisha Denise Washington40 Summerfield RoadVarianceMay 2021
2021-0092-AAndrew E. and Catherine E. Jones14910 Joyce LaneVarianceMay 2021
2020-0116-AAbraham and Chana E. Fogel3312 Greenvale RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0118-AEmerson H. and Ashley M. Sanders1240 Seven Oaks RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0124-ADenise J. Shipley11912 Berans RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0125-AJacqueline M. Richards-Fabian1139 Greenway RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2021
2021-0040-SPHAOakleigh Road, LLC8649 Oakleigh RoadMotion for ReconsiderationJune 2021
2021-0090-SPHMaryland CVS Pharmacy LLC4701 Wilkens AvenueSpecial HearingJune 2021
2021-0094-AWesley and Jennifer Peters112 Starhill LaneVarianceJune 2021
2021-0099-SPHAMichael and Monica L. Golder20320 West Liberty RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0047-SPHAShopping Center Associates d/b/a Pennsylvania Shopping Center Associates, Limited Partnership1951-1955 East Joppa RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0058-AKevin F. McAllister and Julia Martin McAllister200 Hopkins LaneVarianceJune 2021
2021-0064-AMonkton Ridge Farm LLC1302 Monkton RoadVarianceJune 2021
2021-0081-SPHAChristopher J. Bowerman and Samantha L. Bowerman4012 Chestnut RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0082-SPHADerek J. Ziese and Christina G. Ziese405 Chattolanee Hill Road and 2602 Greenspring Valley RoadSpecial HearingJune 2021
2021-0108-ARobert M. Hopkins III and Dean Ulman Hopkins3410 Blenheim RoadVarianceJune 2021
2021-0112-SPHAd/b/a Pennsylvania Shopping Center Associates Limited Partnership, et al.1951-1955 East Joppa RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0122-AShawn S. and Marlene M. Hartman2023 Sue AvenueAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0123-AAlbert W. Zimmerman12887 Eagles View RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0129-ACharles W. Duvall Jr. and Teresa Rowan Duvall9808 Adams WayAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0132-ABrandon and Deon Harvey16304 Falls RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0133-AChristopher H. Wiedey3607 Southside AvenueAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0135-AElizabeth and Joseph Hobelmann6521 Montrose AvenueAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0137-AJames J. Amos IV and Bethany Amos21325 Ridge RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0138-AJeffrey J. and Sara S. Rummell211 South Tyrone RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0139-ARicardo R. and Ashley Ramtahal1501 Somogyi RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0140-ALisa Harriet Kornberg and Emma Lynn Hawthorn8 Brightside AvenueAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0142-AWaddell L. and Janese K. Daniels11 Birchbrook CourtAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0147-AThomas C. and Megan A. Llewellyn11 Ivy Reach CourtAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0148-AAlexandra Berney and Evan M. Berney106 Woodbrook LaneAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0151-ANelson C. and Myra Brooks1414 Magers Landing RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2019-0457-SPHABeynon Family, LLC16 Alt RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2020-0296-ATim Mooney11 Victoria Falls DriveVarianceJune 2021
2021-0049-ADaniel M. and Stephanie A. Gallagher7900 Ruxwood RoadMotion for Reconsideration and Administrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0104-AEmmanuel K. Holmes and Lauren Holmes2817 Sparrows Point RoadVarianceJune 2021
2021-0107-ARonald L. and Glenda I. Gurnsey106 Hillside RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0110-SPHAZachary F. and Emily E. Fisher14110 Blenheim RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0126-SPHCSG Development, LLC, Legal Owner; Carroll Island Realty, LLC, by Nilkanth Patel, Member, Contract Purchaser105 Carroll Island RoadSpecial HearingJune 2021
2021-0130-SPHACombined Properties Limited Partnership Legal Owner Chick-Fil-La Contract Purchaser/Lessee6503 Baltimore National PikeSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2021
2021-0134-AAudrey M. Smith1005 Sayward AvenueVarianceJune 2021
2021-0160-ASudhir K. and Deepa Dutta11601 Barthel RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0163-AAnthony and Julie Warren900 Jamieson RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0167-AEvan Baron and Stacey Baron3115 Northbrook RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2021
2021-0171-ATanya Nibeth9 Hawick CourtAdministrative VarianceJune 2021

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