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Cases Filed Between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020

Below are orders issued by Baltimore County Administrative Law Judges as a result of various types of public hearings or decisions from administrative actions. Select the appropriate link to find the decision you would like to view or print. Signed copies of these orders are available from the Office of Zoning.

These orders are available by the month in which they were signed, petitioner name, case number, decision type and address or location.

Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address or LocationTypeMonth Signed
11-0876 and 2019-0341-AWilliam J. Williams III and Barbara Anne Williams, Legal Owners; William Grove Investments, LLC, Developer/Applicant11022 and 11026 Philadelphia RoadDevelopment Plan First Material AmendmentJuly 2019
02-0739Beazer Homes Corporation9401 Lyons Mills RoadPlanned Unit Developments (“PUD”)July 2019
2019-0275-SPHAFrank and Deborah Scarfield1616 Burke RoadMotion for ReconsiderationJuly 2019
2019-0320-SPHSophie A. Mills3222 Grace RoadSpecial HearingJuly 2019
2019-0347-ADouglas J. and Retha K. Shaw94 Delmar AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0353-AStephen J. and Pamela C. Meyer7 Melvin AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0358-AAlbert T. Longmire III and Jill Buckley604 Creeksedge CourtAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0361-ARichard and Rhonda Ryan2602 Flintstone RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0363-ABrian J. and Linda E. Yaniger2431 Hunt DriveAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0368-ARashawn Strong and Sophia Marquez1815 West Joppa RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0369-AJason E. Clark and Sanya M. Rusticelli4340 Penn AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0231-ABlue Ocean Realty, LLC1726 Reisterstown RoadMotion for ReconsiderationJuly 2019
2019-0306-ANorth Plaza I, LLC8836 Waltham Woods RoadVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0338-ACraig F. Beauchamp and Kathyrn E. Kelly6730 Charles Street AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationJuly 2019
2019-0348-AJohn D. and Michelle Killian1216 Back River Neck RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0349-ABreanne and Cory Tsang245 Blenheim RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0354-ATerrence L. and Mary J. Boegner20804 York RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0360-ADonald P. Bauer III and Christine M. Bauer3003 Bender Ridge CourtAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0362-AMichael C. Lee and Christina Cage500 Crosby RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0370-ADavid W. and Linda S. Wolfe7 Russell Frost CourtAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0322-SPHCharles H. Peters and Jeannie L. Peters1714 Cape May RoadSpecial HearingJuly 2019
2019-0324-SPHAGuizhi Liang and Yonghul Yang2806 New York AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0325-SPHAGuizhi Liang and Yonghul Yang, Legal Owners; Charles Hoffman, Contract PurchaserLots 8 and 9 New York AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0327-ARobert and Colleen Nelson2692-2698 Paper Mill RoadVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0372-ARandall R. Fryer Jr. and Sharon L. Fryer2022 Blue Mount RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0226-AFrank and Barbara Grosso9335 Ravenridge RoadVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0292-SPHAAnthony and Margaret Corcoran21051 Slab Bridge RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0314-SPHABeryl L. Moore, Legal Owner; Premier Equity Assets, LLC, Contract Purchaser138 Winters LaneSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0334-AWarren G. and Carole L. Grill5902 Hilltop AvenueVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0335-AGeorge Dardamanis and Elizabeth Shrader2018 Tred Avon RoadVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0200-SPHThomas and Erin Neimiller2036 Tred Avon RoadSpecial HearingJuly 2019
2019-0316-XAnthony and Andrea Conrad194 Goose Harbor RoadSpecial ExceptionJuly 2019
2019-0330-AMerritt Boulevard Property, LLP1501-1575 Merritt BoulevardVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0332-SPHAJayne A. Heck-Hackley and Frank A. Hackley11800 Harford RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0378-AJeffrey L. and Carrie Weaver100 Glenmoore AvenueAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0379-ABruce I. and Lara S. McLaughlin1016 Windsor RoadAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0231-ABlue Ocean Realty, LLC1726 Reisterstown RoadVarianceJuly 2019
2019-0350-SPHAWanda I. Gonzalez201 North Branch RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0351-SPHAJamieson and Cynthia Smith7814 Ruxwood RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJuly 2019
2019-0377-AShelley McIntire111 Fairfield DriveAdministrative VarianceJuly 2019
03-0519 and 2019-0356-SPHPahl Farm, LLC, c/o CHAI4223 Bedford RoadDevelopment Plan and Motion for ReconsiderationAugust 2019
2019-0382-AKatherine A. Counselman4338 Church RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0385-AMatthew G. and Dusty Insley14614 Manor RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0238-SPH918 Courtney Road, LLC33 South Prospect AvenueSpecial HearingAugust 2019
2019-0308-ACub Hill Bible Presbyterian Church2927 Cub Hill RoadVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0343-ATPA Properties 17, LLC, Legal Owner; Floor and Décor Outlets of America, Inc., Lessee6331 Tradepoint AvenueVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0390-AJose A. and Diana Vazquez1938 B Mountain AvenueAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0392-ADenise M. Ford1251 Linden AvenueAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0397-ARichard L. Heil10521 Vincent Farm RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0334-AWarren G. and Carole L. Grill5902 Hilltop AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationAugust 2019
2019-0342-SPHADonna V. Bair4607 Prospect AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0352-SPHAAnne S. Riepe2720 Merrymans Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0367-AAmerican Legion Department of Maryland, Dundalk Post 38, Inc.3300 Dundalk AvenueVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0387-XAMerritt-017, LLC3327 Hollins Ferry RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0399-ASeth K. and Briana D. Holtan18536 Foreston RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0365-ATradePoint Atlantic, LLC, Legal Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Lessee1600 Sparrows Point BoulevardVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0373-ACMW Properties, LLC7524 Fort AvenueVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0374-AChesapeake Custom Properties, LLC7524 A Fort AvenueVarianceAugust 2019
2019-0388-XAMax Real Estate, LLC, Legal Owner; The Hertz Corporation, Lessee8115 Belair RoadSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0403-AMichael S. Norris3460 Sollers Point RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0407-ABrian H. McLane8722 Eddington RoadAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
2019-0408-ARobert J. Dellinger Jr. and Julie A. Dellinger7949 Wise AvenueAdministrative VarianceAugust 2019
09-0861CPC Falls Road, LLC6241 to 6247 Falls RoadDevelopment PlanAugust 2019
2019-0389-XA803 Gleneagles, LLC803 Gleneagles CourtSpecial Exception and VarianceAugust 2019
2018-0059-SPHXAPerry Hall Boulevard Commercial, LLC, Legal Owner; Two Farms, Inc., Contract Purchaser/LesseePerry Hall and White Marsh BoulevardSpecial ExceptionSeptember 2019
2019-0405-ACaren R. and Alissa M. DeBernardo712 Dunkirk RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0409-ALouis E. and Elisabeth S. Narrow26 Woodholme Village CourtAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0410-ABrian M. Schmuff11747 Franklinville RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0412-ALinda C. Noel11701 Freeland RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0414-AJames M. and Rachel R. Earlbeck16600 Old York RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0422-AMark D. and Christina L. Karpovich100 Westdale CourtAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0425-ARobert H. Batchelor12940 Bottom RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0426-ADean M. and Patricia M. Landers11415 Notchcliff RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0429-ABarry L. Miller and Beverly L. Brandon7109 Oxford RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2016-0223-AKevin B. Merrill1848 Circle RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0342-SPHADonna V. Bair4607 Prospect AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationSeptember 2019
2019-0345-AJean K. and Julius Stiffler34 Dunmore RoadVarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0346-ARobert Utz20905 Mount Zion RoadVarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0440-AEdward G. and Deborah A. Landon2 MacIntosh CourtAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0441-ANickolas and Stephanie Papadopoulos606 Horncrest RoadAdministrative VarianceSeptember 2019
2019-0359-SPHRobert Johnson, West Rockland Association, Inc.Falls RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2019
2019-0371-SPHEugene Eckert and Lea Schafer32 Stemmers Run RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2019
2019-0430-AAdenah S. and Morgan B. Lisby325 Academy AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0442-AMatthew D. Czapanskiy20 Wyndcrest AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0443-ARoger Quarcoopome11536 Garrison Forest RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0446-AMichael G. Weaver and Sharon K. O’Connor-Weaver20029 Bollinger RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0447-APatricia A. Fauntleroy708 Kahn DriveAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0448-ALisa C. and Steven W. Attman8 Valley Gate WayAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0449-AGerard Simoneaux619 Yarmouth RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0364-XANPR, LLC4428 North Point BoulevardSpecial Exception and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0380-AEliezer and Ariella Abramson6618 Wickfield RoadVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0383-ADanny Forbes30 Compass RoadVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0384-XUpperco Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.15700 Hanover RoadSpecial ExceptionOctober 2019
2019-0386-ACochran Properties, Inc.4000 Old North Point RoadVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0395-XASS & AA Singh, LLC1202 Middle River RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0444-AAvraham and Ayala A. Gross3205 Marnat RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0445-ADonna Davis (Feldman)12544 Greenspring AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0366-SPHDeirdre Hammaker12443 Jerusalem RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2019
2019-0391-AKenilworth Limited Partnership, Legal Owner; About Faces Day Spa, Lessee/Contract Purchaser800 Kenilworth DriveVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0393-XDeer Park MZL, LLC, Legal Owner; Adetunji Amao, Lessee9635 Liberty RoadSpecial ExceptionOctober 2019
2019-0394-SPHAJason and Tania WeinerHazelwood AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0400-SPHAKevin and Nancy O’Meara9 Albright AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0401-SPHAChandler B. and Lena W. Denison2526 Caves RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0413-A11311 McCormick, LLC11311 McCormick RoadVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0460-ADaniel Kurt Baker625 Debaugh AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0294-SPHAAndrey and Tatiyana Skvortsova3914 Esgarth WaySpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0394-SPHAJason and Tania WeinerHazelwood AvenueMotion for ReconsiderationOctober 2019
2019-0396-SPHABruce and Melissa LaingLots 7 and 8 Island View RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0406-SPHCharles Michael and Catherine A. Thomas9 Graveswood CourtSpecial HearingOctober 2019
2019-0427-AJeffrey H. and Sherrie Venick3216 Midfield RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0432-SPHALake Falls Village Limited Partnership, LLLP6080 Falls RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0456-AAlexander and Suzan J. Mecinski1 Placid Wood CourtAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0469-ADavid A. Mendelsohn and Jocelyn D. Minsky-Rowland3223 Midfield RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0473-APaul A. and Jolanta W. Stephenson2003 Cromwell Ridge CourtAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
15-1013 and 2019-0375-SPHXACountry Club Estates PUDWise Avenue and Grays RoadDevelopment PlanOctober 2019
2019-0402-SPHACraig Kestner13217 Cherwin AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0411-XRichardson Holdings, LLC5828 Ebenezer RoadSpecial ExceptionOctober 2019
2019-0418-SPHA and 2019-0416-A1728 Selma Avenue, LLC1728 Selma AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0415-SPHATroy M. and Kimberly J. Elser19608 Cameron Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0417-SPHXRodick Realty, LLC, Legal Owner; DMS Development, LLC, Contract Purchaser7501 Pulaski HighwaySpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionOctober 2019
2019-0419-AJoseph Corasaniti311 Sollers Point RoadVarianceOctober 2019
2019-0423-SPHGraham and Georgeann Burton13924 Baldwin Mill RoadSpecial HearingOctober 2019
2019-0474-ATina and Jeff Gilmore9428 Oak White RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0475-AJayesh and Priti Shah916 Academy AvenueAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0476-ASusan and Paul Tanenholz2007 Thistlewood RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
2019-0477-ASven Camrath and Lauren Snyder13853 Thornton Mill RoadAdministrative VarianceOctober 2019
02-0288Stillway Associates Partnership, Owner; Lyons Mills Associates, LLC, Applicant/Developer9307 Lyons Mill RoadDevelopment PlanNovember 2019
2019-0435-SPHPatricia Norris13460 Blenheim RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0436-ALeah W. Paslick4304 Highview AvenueVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0420-SPHAUnited House of PrayerParcel 363, Lots 12 and 13, Kenwood Avenue and Parcel 901, Buehler AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0450-ABozzuto Group913 Southerly RoadVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0486-AHassan S. Tariq5644 Crescent Ridge DriveAdministrative VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0490-ACharles H. Weishaar Jr.18921 Brick Store RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0383-ADanny Forbes30 Compass RoadMotion for ReconsiderationNovember 2019
2019-0451-SPHGina E. Penn1836 Loch Shiel RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0455-AHH Medstar Health, Inc9000 Franklin Square DriveVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0462-SPHA and 2019-0463-SPHAWalter J. Stawinski972 Seneca Park Road and 972 A Seneca Park RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0468-AJames K and Grace K. Rhee1215 B Providence RoadVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0428-SPHResponse One, LLC9126 Harford RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0458-A2411 York Road, LLC, Legal Owner; Dr. Christine W. Gernhart, Contract Purchaser2411-2413 York RoadVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0484-AJames O. and Deborah O. Adeoye7107 Oliver Beach RoadAdministrative VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0492-AIra and Daina Garonzik16 Halcyon CourtAdministrative VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0404-AJeff and Heather Lyon9 Schooner Bay CourtVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0434-SPHGeorge S. Nyquist Jr.873 Ivy Hill RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0438-ACGB Consultants, LLC1829 Woodside AvenueVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0439-ACGB Consultants, LLC1827 Woodside AvenueVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0454-AKenneth and Kathleen L. Callis Jr.3717 Century AvenueVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0467-SPHCharles and Robin Biddinger5634 Carville AvenueSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0499-APradeep G. Thadani and Ramola Bhambhani2015 Willowcrest CircleAdministrative VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0465-AMichael and Marla Jones703 Fuselage AvenueVarianceNovember 2019
2019-0471-SPHAPatrick J. Snyder4428 Walnut RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceNovember 2019
2019-0491-SPHRobert and Sima Della Vecchia1627 Jeffers RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0357-SPHBenjamin M. and Elizabeth C. Standish and Michael J. Siwinski17160 Wesley Chapel RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
2019-0433-SPHDana A and Malinda L. Hickey8630 Wrights Mill RoadSpecial HearingNovember 2019
02-0288Stillway Associates Partnership, Owner; Lyons Mills Associates, LLC, Applicant and Developer9307 Lyons Mill RoadSpecial VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0419-AJoseph Corasaniti311 Sollers Point RoadMotion for ReconsiderationDecember 2019
2019-0461-SPHAWealthcare, LLC1222 Bayside RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0453-SPHWhitemarsh Associates, LLC5401 Campbell BoulevardSpecial HearingDecember 2019
2019-0493-AWal–Mart Estate Business Trust6201 Baltimore National PikeVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0508-ADonna Davis (Feldman)12544 Greenspring AvenueAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0509-AAnthony G. Vachino and Elizabeth J. Lane1523 Park Grove AvenueAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0478-SPHAJohn and Bonnie Ferrer2024 Cedar Circle DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0480-ADonald and Karen Lombardi7049 Greenbank RoadVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0481-ATony Kinsler, Legal Owner; Nicholas Chavez Jr., Contract Purchaser2100 Northland RoadVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0495-SPHAKeith E. and Cyndy L. Ronald14009 Fox Land RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0497-SPHAJoseph A. Espodito8116 Redstone RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0459-SPHA8312 Pulaski, LLC217 (formerly 90) North Point BoulevardSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0472-SPHAKD Associates Limited Partnership, Legal Owner; Maryland Food, LLC, Contract Purchaser11700 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0482-SPHAHarold John and Marguerite McKennaLots 27 and 28 Willis DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0483-SPHAHarold John and Marguerite McKenna1711 Willis DriveSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0485-SPHAHavkim, LLC6615 Baythorne RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0487-ARichard M. and Carolyn P. Susel8408 A Park Heights AvenueVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0488-ARichard M. and Carolyn P. Susel9410 Park Heights AvenueVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0504-SPHThomas and Erin Neimiller2036 Tred Avon RoadSpecial HearingDecember 2019
2019-0513-AThomas and Erica Wienholt3931 Miller RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0498-A5235 King Avenue, LLC5235 King AvenueVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0501-SPHAJames A. and Carrie L. Wright7738 North Point RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0502-AThomas Charles Ogden8103 Dundalk AvenueVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0506-ACarolyn F. Sennett1717 Beachwood AvenueVarianceDecember 2019
04-0728Woodley Property Partners, LLC18 Dean AvenueDevelopment PlanDecember 2019
2019-0505-AHenry H. Jenkins III12525 Garrison Forest RoadVarianceDecember 2019
2019-0524-ADavid and Sharon F. Zuckerbrod2705 Copperfield CourtAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0525-AMaria M. Lovo Zavala and Marlin A. Solares Pineda6712 ½ Windsor Mill RoadAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0527-AYaakov and Esther M. Ehrman2709 Maurleen CourtAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0528-AMoshe and Rivkah L. Krohn6812 Maurleen CourtAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0529-ALior Dayan1804 Ridgeway AvenueAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
2019-0530-AMichael Geist5 Fairfield DriveAdministrative VarianceDecember 2019
04-0760 and 2019-0515-SPHAForte Equity Street, LLC16 Saint Thomas LaneDevelopment PlanJanuary 2020
2019-0533-ANicholas W. and Heather L. Fleischmann2903 Breezy Point CourtAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0535-ASamuel S. Brady Jr. and Carol Brady2003 Belfair RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0536-AMelinda H. Eller15015 Tanyard RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0453-SPHWhitemarsh Associates, LLC5401 Campbell BoulevardMotion for Reconsideration and Special HearingJanuary 2020
2019-0494-SPHXBeachmont, Inc.6433 Mount Vista RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionJanuary 2020
2019-0500-AChristopher E. Bartlett1316 Ivy Hill RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0511-SPHGregory Milligan, Appointed Receiver For Kevin B. Merrill1848 Circle RoadSpecial HearingJanuary 2020
2019-0522-SPHMohammad and Moshiri Zamani110 Old Padonia RoadSpecial HearingJanuary 2020
2019-0539-AFrank J. Ruehl III and Janet L. Ruehl (Trustees)812 Warwick RoadAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0461-SPHAWealthcare, LLC1222 Bayside RoadSpecial Hearing and Motion for ReconsiderationJanuary 2020
2019-0485-SPHAHavkim, LLC6615 Baythorne RoadMotion for Reconsideration and Special HearingJanuary 2020
2019-0520-AClothbounce, LLC, Legal Owner; Dixon Avenue, LLC, Lessee/Contract Purchaser10503 Samona RoadVarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0526-SPHMark J. McQuade, Legal Owner; BSS White Marsch, LLC, Contract Purchaser8228 Belair RoadSpecial HearingJanuary 2020
2019-0547-AJean L. Wyman1413 LaBelle AvenueAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0548-AColin B. and Jennifer P. Exelby532 Park AvenueAdministrative VarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0540-A2ND 1418, LLC1418 Second RoadVarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0542-AMCC Properties, LLCLot 10 Murray Hill RoadVarianceJanuary 2020
2019-0544-A2R Properties, LLC4102 Benson AvenueVarianceJanuary 2020
08-0912 and 2019-0489-XRoosevelt at Timonium, LLC3 Roosevelt StreetDevelopment Plan and Special ExceptionFebruary 2020
2019-0517-SPHA and 2019-0518-AGuizhi Liang and Yonghul Yang6120 (Lot 35) Rich Avenue and Lot 34Special Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0523-AJames Thomas and Alexandra Bethany Crystal Day114 Delight RoadVarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0538-ABrian Furletti9916 Fox Hill RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0541-SPHRaymond and Sandra Frank, Legal Owners; Samuel and Michaeline Yaffe, Sparks–Glencoe Community Planning Council, Petitioners2800 Monkton RoadMotion to Dismiss and Special HearingFebruary 2020
2019-0468-AJames K and Grace K. Rhee1215 B Providence RoadMotion for Reconsideration and VarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0543-SPHNathan Richards and Pamela Weinel13 South Tollgate RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2020
2019-0549-SPHBrian Bedell and Mary Belz2012 Old Valley RoadSpecial HearingFebruary 2020
2020-0006-ADuane A. and Jacqueline Orth2026 Pot Spring RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0010-AWilliam D. and Ellen L. Kidd13211 Fork RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0012-AJohua D. and Terri N. Rosen7515 Labyrinth RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0013-ADavid S. and Shirfra M. Malin6803 Maurleen RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0015-ACheryl Thurber100 Hillside RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0016-AAllan J. and Linda J. Parsons12142 Harford RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0417-SPHXRodick Realty, LLC, Legal Owner; DMS Development, LLC, Contract Purchaser7501 Pulaski HighwaySpecial ExceptionFebruary 2020
2020-0008-XPoint Breeze Credit Union 2 and 5 Philadelphia CourtSpecial ExceptionFebruary 2020
2019-0019-APrabhjot and Ripdaman Likhari3401 Starlite DriveAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0020-A  Walter Ralph Wisner Jr.17801 Foreston RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0023-AMartin G. Kutlik12018 Deer Bit LaneAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0001-SPHADeapexx, LLC6903 Meadowlawn RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0025-ADavid and Cheryl Grabner4103 Halifax RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0026-APeter L. and Elaine E. Haynes4708 Osborn RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0027-AMichael and Loann Dellis1307 Gateshead RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2020-0031-AJames Alban IV13941 Cuba RoadAdministrative VarianceFebruary 2020
2019-0516-SPHAJason and Tania WeinerHazelwood AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceMarch 2020
2020-0034-AOlatunji O. and Kimberly L. Oyefusi9612 Mendoza RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2020
2020-0035-ARyan Harycki6722 North River DriveAdministrative VarianceMarch 2020
2019-0452-AJaspal Judge119 West Cherry Hill RoadVarianceMarch 2020
2019-0545-A8127 Pulaski Highway, LLC8127 Pulaski HighwayVarianceMarch 2020
2020-0003-SPHBolton Hill Investments, LLC.8 Dunman WaySpecial HearingMarch 2020
2019-0431-SPHSummer Hill Club, Inc.13709A Harcum RoadSpecial HearingMarch 2020
2019-0546-XAComprehensive Caring Angels Daycare, LLC11421 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Exception and VarianceMarch 2020
 2020-0004-ASarah Ciccarelli5152 Byerly RoadVarianceMarch 2020
2020-0047-ADavid A. and Elizabeth A. Laflamme9902 Richlyn DriveAdministrative VarianceMarch 2020
2020-0049-AJulie A. Martin207 Sherwood RoadAdministrative VarianceMarch 2020
2020-0002-SPHXABalaji, LLC, Legal Owner; Dundalk North Point, LLC, Contract Purchaser201 North Point BoulevardSpecial Hearing, Special Exception and VarianceMarch 2020
2020-0014-AJay M. Simonds, LLC1141 Berrymans LaneVarianceMarch 2020
2020-0021-SPHXAssociated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center, Inc.5425, 5427 and 5429 Mount Gilead RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionMarch 2020
2020-0053-AMichael F. and Carolina H. Cronin521 Park AvenueAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0063-AWayne G. and Colleen F. McDowell37 Anderson Ridge RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0068-AJazmin C. Sarmiento5122 Clifford RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0082-ALorenzo W. Hankla Jr. and Elizabeth Hankla (Marek)404 Montrose AvenueAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0084-AJoshua B. and Kelly R. Nelson2208 Wiltonwood RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0085-ATerry Goodling228 Bentley RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0060-AKevin A. Webber12 Gumwood DriveAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0075-ADaniel and Holly Vanderwalde3219 Timberfield LaneAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0091-AMichael D. and Darlene Peters  7715 Iroquois AvenueAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0092-AStephanie A. Perna and Mark A. Wingo Sr.2920 Willoughby RoadAdministrative VarianceApril 2020
2020-0094-AAnthony and Paige Demma1719 Willis DriveAdministrative VarianceMay 2020
2020-0095-ACharles Manners2200 Riverview RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2020
2020-0097-AGregory and Elizabeth Simmeth Ensor1322 Burke RoadAdministrative VarianceMay 2020
2020-0098-ADavid and Talia Michelsohn3512 Autumn DriveAdministrative VarianceMay 2020
2020-0108-ADavid and Yvonne Lienhard213 Rosewood AvenueAdministrative VarianceMay 2020
2020-0083-AJess R.and Carrie A. Constantino13416 Bottom RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2020-0098-ADavid and Talia Michelsohn3512 Autumn DriveAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2020-0112-ACierra Payton and Cynthia Glover4204 Perry River RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2020-0114-AEmily V. and Nicholas M. Philpot718 Regester AvenueAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2018-0234-SPHXAUniversity BP, LLC, Legal Owner; Isaac Yair, Lessee520 Reisterstown RoadSpecial Hearing, Exception and VarianceJune 2020
2020-0009-AWayne P. and Debra M. Sullivan8927 Philadelphia RoadVarianceJune 2020
2020-0022-SPHLouis J. Eckert221 Virginia AvenueSpecial HearingJune 2020
2020-0029-AAlec B. and Suzanne L. Huber909 Belfast RoadVarianceJune 2020
2020-0030-AOlga A. Bell, Trustee8522 Old Harford RoadVarianceJune 2020
2020-0108-ADavid and Yvonne Lienhard213 Rosewood AvenueAdministrative Variance and Motion for ReconsiderationJune 2020
2020-0111-ARoben L. and Shannon A. Key125 Edgewood RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2020-0116-AGregory Maddox6908 Ebenezer RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2020-0118-ATahara Akmal and Milton Young III13010 Bottom RoadAdministrative VarianceJune 2020
2019-0030-SPHXRaza-E-Mustafa Islamic Center, Inc.3900 Milford Mill RoadSpecial Hearing and Special ExceptionJune 2020
2019-0537-AAll Phases Reconstruction6921 Beech AvenueVarianceJune 2020
2020-0033-AGonzalez Eliseo, Legal Owner; Rolando Morales, Contract Purchaser2000 Oak DriveVarianceJune 2020
2020-0037-SPHALaurie Industries Trust and Diajeff Trust, c/o Kin Properties, Inc., Legal Owners; Lidl US Operations, LLC, Contract Purchaser/Lessee8667 Belair RoadSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2020
2020-0040-SPHASheree Hunter, Legal Owner Maxim, LLC, Contract Purchaser1102 Alexander AvenueSpecial Hearing and VarianceJune 2020

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