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Withdrawn Bills - 2019 Session

The following links are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Bill 14-19   Zoning Regulations – Use Requirements in the Downtown Towson District

Bill 29-19    Tearooms or Restaurants in RC4 Zones

Bill 30-19    Zoning Regulations – R.C. 3 (Deferral of Planning and Development) Zone

Bill 38-19    Greenway Areas in Environmentally Protected Easements

Bill 40-19   Food Trucks

Bill 51-19    2019-2020 Capital Budget - 210-205-0002-0632 Thistle Road Improvements/210-207-0002-0540 Bridge B-0184 (River Road)/210-207-0002-0537 Bridge Maintenance By On-Call Contractor 

Bill 53-19    Development – Comprehensive Zoning Map Process

Bill 74-19   Development – Limited Exemptions

Revised January 21, 2020

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