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Approved Resolutions—2017 Session

The following links are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Resolution 1-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Joseph A. Hansen

Resolution 2-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Kevin M. Brunson

Resolution 3-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Crawford Blackmon

Resolution 4-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Claude R. King, Jr.

Resolution 5-17    Accept a gift—(8) K-9 Ballistic Vests—VCA Columbia Animal Hospital

Resolution 6-17    Accept a gift—(16) K-9 Ballistic Vests—Manor Tavern

Resolution 7-17    Amendments to the Baltimore County Water Supply and Sewerage Plan

Resolution 8-17    Designation of Radebaugh Neighborhood Park

Resolution 11-17    Approval of alternative financing—Board of Education—Energy Performance Contracts

Resolution 13-17   Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Kenneth G. Allen

Resolution 14-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Michael D. Pollard

Resolution 15-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Charles R. Hazard

Resolution 16-17    Baltimore County Charter Review Commission

Resolution 17-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Jason A. Neubauer

Resolution 18-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Robert F. Sandlass

Resolution 19-17    Property Tax Exemption—Mark G. Mills

Resolution 20-17    Accept donation from C.M. and J.L. Radebaugh Co., LLC

Resolution 21-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Kirk Stambaugh

Resolution 22-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV—David A. Crites

Resolution 23-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Charles R. Purkey

Resolution 24-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—William C. Bowers

Resolution 25-17    Property Tax Exemption—DAV - Stephen C. Williams

Resolution 26-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Stephen L. Agnes

Resolution 28-17    Planning Board—Review of Regulations on Development Plans and Plats

Resolution 29-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—Darlene T. Hohl

Resolution 30-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Lakeasha S. Mendez

Resolution 31-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Jerry Kauffman

Resolution 32-17   Accept a gift from National Insurance Crime Bureau—Police Department

Resolution 33-17    Support of conditional loan—MD. Dept. of Commerce—McCormick & Co., Inc.

Resolution 34-17    Authorization - Payment in lieu of property tax—Dogwood Towns, LLC

Resolution 36-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—John Henry Bolte

Resolution 37-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Benjamin T. Brooks

Resolution 38-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Hillary Cotton, Sr.

Resolution 39-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—Rodney T. Boone

Resolution 40-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—Martha A. Pryor

Resolution 41-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Kurt C. Stanley

Resolution 42-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Edward Banks

Resolution 43-17    Approval of financing—Dundalk Renaissance Corporation—Baltimore Neighborhood Initiative Projects (Attachment)

Resolution 44-17    Baltimore County CouncilLive Streaming of meetings

Resolution 46-17    Approval-plan of financing-tax-exempt financing—Penn Industrial Development Authority

Resolution 47-17    Amending the Perry Hall Commercial Revitalization District (Attached Map)

Resolution 48-17    Amending the Overlea Commercial Revitalization District (Attached Map)

Resolution 50-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Donna N. Weeks

Resolution 51-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Henry E. Simms, Jr.

Resolution 52-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Dennis L. Noah

Resolution 53-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Lamont Hunt

Resolution 54-17    Amendment to the Baltimore County Master Plan 2020 (Attachment)

Resolution 55-17    Adopt Baltimore County 2017 Land Preservation and Recreation Plan (LPPRP)

Resolution 56-17    (5) Rural Legacy Area Plan application

Resolution 57-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—Jacqueline E. Miller

Resolution 58-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Ronald T. Schilpp

Resolution 59-17    Approval of application for financing Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative ProjectsDundalk Renaissance Corporation (Exhibit)

Resolution 60-17     Property Tax Exemption - BLIND - William S. Barnes

Resolution 61-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND - Charles Geyer

Resolution 62-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV—Herbert L. Fulcher

Resolution 63-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND—Rodney T. Boone

Resolution 64-17    Accept Gift - State of MD Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Protocol Cardsets

Resolution 65-17    Accept Gift - State of MD Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Emergency Tele. Staff

Resolution 66-17    Support of Conditional Grant - Under Armour, Inc. - Maryland Department of Commerce

Resolution 67-17    MD Economic Development Revenue Bond - Maryland Rewind and Converting, LLC

Resolution 69-17    Amending the Pikesville Commercial Revitalization District - (Attached Map)

Resolution 70-17     Property Tax Exemption—DAV – George W. Miller, Jr.

Resolution 71-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND– Brenda S. Traylor

Resolution 72-17     Property Tax Exemption—BLIND –Soheil Jafari

Resolution 73-17    Amending the Perry Hall Commercial Revitalization District (Attached Map)

Resolution 74-17     Property Tax Exemption – Blind –Tina Gross-Jones

Resolution 75-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Glenn D. Turk

Resolution 76-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Robert Pringle

Resolution 77-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV –Walter Cancel

Resolution 78-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Arthur L. Warren, Jr.

Resolution 79-17    Accept a donation from BCPS – School Buses – Public Safety Employees

Resolution 80-17    Property Tax Exemption – Blind – Frederick G. Balk, III

Resolution 81-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Connie A. Minto

Resolution 82-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Sharon Boyd

Resolution 83-17     Property Tax Exemption – Blind – Phyllis K. Coppersmith

Resolution 84-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Thomas L. Getz

Resolution 85-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – James C. Adams, Jr.

Resolution 86-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Robert F. Woodward

Resolution 87-17    Support of conditional loan – MD Dept. Commerce –, dedc, LLC.

Resolution 88-17    Endorsement of application – DHCD – NBW – Lucky Leaf, LLC/dba Chatime

Resolution 89-17    Designation of BCPD as Primary Law Enforcement Unit – Records/transactions of Secondhand Precious Metals

Resolution 91-17    Accept a gift MD Dept. of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Emergency Number Systems Board – 911 Center

Resolution 92-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Derrick L. Williams

Resolution 93-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Surviving Spouse DAV – Betty Crovo

Resolution 94-17     Property Tax Exemption – Surviving Spouse DAV – Rebecca P. Downie

Resolution 95-17     Property Tax Exemption – Kenneth Powell, Sr.

Resolution 96-17     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Charles E. Hare

Resolution 97-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Charles R. Clark

Resolution 98-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Dana G. West

Resolution 99-17    Baltimore County Department of Health, et. al. -Laws, regulations, and policies - Opioid crisis

Resolution 100-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Jaime A. Henriquez

Resolution 101-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – David Moreno

Resolution 103-17     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Tina Gross-Jones

Resolution 104-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – William Winkler, Jr.

Resolution 105-17     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – James Brookins

Resolution 106-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Leon H. Carr, III

Resolution 107-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Brian W. Kammer

Resolution 108-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Dennis P. Cash

Resolution 109-17     Designation – Sparrows Point Development District      

Resolution 110-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Nanette Fitzgerald

Resolution 111-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – John W. Lanham

Resolution 112-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Terri Brown

Resolution 113-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Colin P. Kelly

Resolution 114-17     Property Tax Exemption – DAV – Elmer E. Sampson

Resolution 115-17     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Mary P. Zakrzewski

Resolution 116-17    Accept donation – 3 parcels of land – Lyons Mill Partnership, LLP – Owings Mills-REC

Resolution 117-17    Accept monetary gift – State of MD Public Safety and Correctional Services-911 Center-OBF

Revised December 19, 2017

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