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Approved Resolutions—2023 Session

The following links are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Resolution 1-23    BCPS – Review of Proposed Land Dedication

Resolution 2-23    Development of Greater Middle River Design Guidelines

Resolution 3-23    Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Tyrone A. Washington

Resolution 4-23  Adoption of the Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Plan

Resolution 5-23    Support - Mayor Brandon Scott - Denial of discharge permit and request U.S. E.P.A. to deny future processing of similar waste water at Back River Plant

Resolution 6-23  Approval of Maryland Rural Legacy Plan Applications (3)

Resolution 7-23    Adoption - 2022 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP)    Attachment

Resolution 8-23    Support – Application for Redesignation of the Southwest Enterprise Zone    Attached Map

Resolution 9-23    Support – Application for Designation of Woodlawn Enterprise Zone     Attached Map

Resolution 10-23    Establish the Owings Mills Commercial Revitalization District     Exhibit A

Resolution 11-23    Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Jeffrey Niemyer

Resolution 13-23    Planning Board – Short Term Rentals

Resolution 14-23    Planning Board – EV Charging Stations

Resolution 15-23    Revocation of approval of resolution and PUD application – BC Middle River Park

Resolution 16-23    Accept donation – Office chairs – Under Armour – Fire Department

Resolution 17-23    Updates to the Patapsco/Granite Area Community Plan

Resolution 18-23     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Steven Ostrowski

Resolution 19-23    Accept donation–Enterprise Network Extender 3 units – Cellco Prtnrshp./dba Verizon Wireless

Resolution 20-23    Modify designated community of Arbutus as a Sustainable Community    (Map)

Resolution 21-23    Perry Hall Mansion – Authorize/pre-approve of sale   Contract of Sale

Resolution 22-23    Perry Hall Mansion - Approval of renovation grant

Resolution 23-23    Amending the boundary of the Baltimore National Pike Commercial Revitalization District    (Map)

Resolution 24-23    Amending the boundary of the Catonsville Commercial Revitalization District   (Map)

Resolution 25-23    Crematories – Encourage General Assembly to Amend Setback Regulations

Resolution 26-23    Commission on Disabilities – Recommendations Related to Automatic Doors Entrance

Resolution 27-23     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND – Anne J. Allgire

Resolution 28-23    Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation FY23 Easement Cycle – (4) – Agricultural easements   (Map)

Resolution 29-23    Approval of applications-Sale of development rights easements-Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation   (Map)

Resolution 30-23     Property Tax Exemption – BLIND - Mohamed A. Awad

Resolution 31-23   Establish the Middle River Commercial Revitalization District   (Exhibit A)

Resolution 32-23   Baltimore County Council Structure Review Workgroup   

Resolution 33-23   MDE – Historic East Towson – Environmental Impact of Herring Run Headwaters

Resolution 34-23   Baltimore County Water Supply and Sewerage Plan – Amendment Cycle 41    (Map)

Resolution 35-23   Updates to the Jacksonville Community Plan

Resolution 36-23   Adoption of Development and Zoning Manuals    Exhibit A      Exhibit B  

Resolution 38-23   Exchange of County-owned parcel – Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA)   Exhibit A  Exhibit B    Exhibit C  

Resolution 39-23   Amending the boundary of the Towson Commercial Revitalization District    Exhibit A

Revised December 19, 2023






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