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Councilman Todd Huff's Accomplishments and Initiatives

  • Bill 3-11    Co-sponsor of this bill that specifies that within 10 working days after a Concept Plan Conference for a development has been held, the subject property must be posted stating the date, time and location of the Community Input Meeting (CIM).  The CIM shall occur no earlier than 21 days and no later than 30 days after posting.  Also, the CIM shall be held at a site within 8 miles of the proposed development, if said development is outside the Urban Rural Demarcation Line (URDL) or at a site within 3 miles of the proposed development if inside the URDL, or in Towson if no other meeting site can be scheduled.  Lastly, the CIM may be held in a school, library, house of worship, community center or other public place of assembly.
  • Bill 6-11    Lead sponsor of this bill that deals with the problem of panhandlers in lanes, roadways and road shoulders.  Essentially the bill ensures that anyone soliciting donations of money or other things of value, be it oral, written or by other means of communication must possess and display a permit that has been issued by the Department of Approvals and Inspections.  Should you see anyone panhandling on a lane divider, a State or County road or on a road shoulder, please call 311 and the police will respond and remove that person.
  • Bill 16-11    Lead sponsor of this bill that requires a person shall be licensed by the Clerk of the Court before a person may hawk, vend, sell, peddle or offer for sale at retail or for rent any fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, oysters, goods, wares, or merchandise or service of any kind in or on the streets of the County or by going from house to house, either in a vehicle or on foot, on the streets or highways of the County.
  • Bill 21-11    Lead sponsor of the bill for the Deer Cooperator Program.  As I am sure you are aware, the overpopulation of deer has had a devastating impact on our watersheds and has also been the cause of many vehicular accidents.  This bill gives the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with Baltimore County, to conduct a program to reduce the wildlife population of protected wildlife determined to be overpopulated.  A deer cooperator program shall be conducted only during nighttime hours, all venison must be donated to a food bank or other charitable organization and all processing or butchering services shall be provided by Baltimore County contractors, if feasible.  Dates and times of such programs must be published in a paper of general circulation and prominently posted at multiple locations on the land at least two weeks prior to the program and during the program the land shall be closed to the general public.
  • Bill 22-11    Co-sponsor of this bill that is a technical correction.  The technology now available through the County mapping system is quite advanced and shows subsewershed areas of land.  This bill eliminates the requirement for development plans to indicate the subswershed areas, as they are already indicated by the maps generated by the County.
  • Bill 48-11    Lead sponsor of the bill defining a Farmer’s Roadside Stand and permitting a Farmer’s Roadside Stand to be located in a barn or other farm building or portion thereof.  The intent of this bill is to ensure the economic viability of farms in Baltimore County and to allow barns or other accessory farm buildings or a portion thereof owned and operated by an agricultural  producer to be used for the sale of farm products, the majority of which have been grown or grown and produced on the premises or adjacent land or on properties farmed by the same agricultural producer.
  • Bill 56-11    Co-sponsor of the bill that permits a tattoo establishment that relocates within a BM-CCC District that is less than 500 feet from its earlier location or that relocates from a location within 1,000 feet of a public or private school to a location within a BL, BM or BR zone which is further removed from a public or private school but less than 1,000 feet removed from its earlier location.  This bill does not waive any provision or requirement of State or County law in effect prior to the effective date of this bill which is October 16, 2011.
  • Bill 68-11    Co-sponsor of the bill that limits the application of certain zoning regulations to new churches under certain circumstances.
  • Resolution 14-11    Lead sponsor of the Resolution for Baltimore County to adopt the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture as part of the Baltimore County Master Plan 2020.
  • Resolution 51-11    Lead sponsor of the Resolution requesting the Baltimore County Planning Board to prepare a community plan for the Cockeysville area of Baltimore County.
  • Resolution 4-12    This Resolution encourages the development of cooperative efforts and partnerships with Baltimore City and private groups to minimize the environmental impact of recreational activities on trails, including the removal of debris, and to address right of way issues, and to also improve the mapping and signage of trails at Loch Raven Reservoir.   Preserving and maintaining the water quality and environmental sustainability of Loch Raven Reservoir is a high priority for Councilman Huff and the entire County Council.
  • Bill 16-12    Sponsor of this legislation to creat an ME (Mercantile Exposition) Overlay District for the Maryland State Fair Grounds.  This bill allows the Maryland State Fair to continue with all of their regularly scheduled activities, shows and exhibitions but does restrict the fair grounds from casino and slots gambling.
  • Bill 21-12    Co-sponsor of this legislation to prohibit panhandle lots in the Carney-Cub Hill-Parkville area.
  • Bill 47-12    Sponsor of this bill which establishes a new category of enterprise signs.
  • Bill 79-12    This bill created regulations that shall apply in CT (Commercial - Town Center) districts superimposed upon BM (Business Major), specifically Hunt Valley.  Apartments shall be permitted but only above the first story of a building.  Elderly apartments located in a building in the CT district of Hunt Valley and elderly housing facilities shall be permitted in any story of a building.
  • Bill 41-13 - Zoning Regulations - MLR - allowing schools, including business or trade schools, to be permitted in an MLR zone
  • Bill 50-13 - Zoning Regulations - RO - an animal grooming facility is permitted by special exception in an RO zone
  • Bill 2-14 - Automotive Services Overlay District - for a parcel of land assigned with a combination of BM IM and BL AS, a use permitted in a BM IM will also be permitted on the BL AS portion of the land
  • Bill 19-14 - Community Care Centers - a non residential community day care center will be permitted outside of the URDL if a site is in excess of 2 net acres.  The hearing authority shall determine the number of persons permitted but not to exceed 75

Revised October 16, 2014

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