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2024 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP)

The County's official zoning map is adopted by the Baltimore County Council.

Every four years, the County reviews the map in comprehensive fashion and considers requests for changes to the zoning classification of individual properties.

The County Council has the sole legislative authority to determine the zoning classification of a property.

The 2024 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process begins on September 1, 2023.  The filing of Zoning Map "Issues" to request a change in the zoning of a property on that date.  The process will run throughout the next year, culminating in the Council's adoption of the new maps for each Councilmanic District by September 16, 2024.

Please also be aware that Section 7-1-502(b) of the County Code states that a person who engages in lobbying, including making public appearances, for the purpose of influencing the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process is not required to file a lobbying registration with the Ethics Commission, provided the person does not expend money on a public official for meals, beverages, special events, or gifts. However, in lieu of filing a lobbying registration, the person must register with the Secretary to the County Council within 5 days after engaging in a lobbying activity. The registration filed with the Secretary may be in the form of a letter and shall include the person's full and legal name and address and the full and legal name and address of any person or entity on whose behalf the person is acting, and the property involved and the map Issue number if available.


Revised August 28, 2023

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