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Baltimore County Animal Services Advisory Commission

The Animal Services Advisory Commission was created by the County Council pursuant to its passage of Bill 2-15.  The Commission was established to advise the County Council and the County Executive on issues pertaining to animal care and welfare, animal rescue and adoption, control of the animal population, standards for animal shelters, training of personnel and volunteers, and any other issues related to the County’s Animal Services Division.  The Commission consists of 11 members, with one member appointed by each Council member and four members appointed by the County Executive.  Commission members serve three year terms and there is no term limit.  At the end of each year, the Commission submits an Annual Report to the County Council and the County Executive summarizing the Commission’s activities for the preceding year and outlining its recommendations.

Unless otherwise posted and except for the month of August, the Commission meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Drumcastle Government Center located at 6401 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212.  The meetings are open to the public.

Below are links to the Commission’s Annual Report.

The following links are PDF files. You may review the PDFs online or download and print them. (PDF)

Annual Report

1st Annual Report 2016

2nd Annual Report 2017

3rd Annual Report 2018

Revised September 26, 2018

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