December 10, 2019 Baltimore County

Overflow Reported on Monday-Crews Responded Immediately

A sanitary sewer overflow occurred in a wooded area in Glen Arm at 10620 Harford Road this weekend. The overflow was discovered by a resident and reported to Baltimore County Monday morning. Crews responded immediately and discovered a broken sewer line and effluent discharging from a nearby manhole.

The overflow was caused by a break in the sewer line. The effluent backed up in the pipe and then issued from a nearby manhole. Contractors were called to repair the line and to set up a by-pass pump to divert the flow around the broken main which would stop the discharge. The by-pass was completed Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. and crews immediately began to replace the broken pipe.

Baltimore County Department of Public Works engineers are still determining the overflow volume, which entered a nearby tributary of the Gunpowder Falls. The Baltimore County Department of Health was immediately notified and will issue water contact advisories if necessary on the Department's website.