August 09, 2022 Baltimore County

Gregory Wm. Branch, M.D., MBA, CPE, FACP, Director of Health and Human Services, and Baltimore County Health Officer has been named an Immunization Champion for his outstanding efforts to promote adult and childhood immunizations in Baltimore County. Under his leadership, Baltimore County was able to organize a response months before the pandemic was a national concern, lead highly successful mitigation efforts and effective immunization rollout. His collaboration with county/state agencies, civic/fraternal organizations, faith-based institutions, community partners, and special interest groups has educated the public about the vaccine's efficacy and the importance of vaccination. In addition, his innovative initiatives, such as VOICE (Vaccine Outreach Initiative for Community Equity), resulted in substantial vaccination uptake and a decrease in high positivity rates in marginalized communities.

“As Baltimore County’s health officer, Dr. Branch oversaw perhaps the most successful mass vaccination effort in the entire state over the last year and a half, and we are incredibly proud of the work he and his entire team did on behalf of our residents,” said County Executive Johnny Olszewski. “I want to congratulate Dr. Branch on this well-deserved recognition.”

"I am honored to represent the State of Maryland and receive the prestigious award of being named one of this year's Immunization Champions," said Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, "I must also express my deep appreciation for my team and the incredible and diverse partners and stakeholders I've worked alongside that make our county’s vaccinations efforts successful.”

Immunization Champion selections come from a pool of health professionals, coalition members, community advocates, and other immunization leaders. These awards acknowledge the outstanding efforts of individuals who go above and beyond ensuring immunization access in their communities. State immunization programs coordinated the nomination process and submitted nominees to AIM. One winner is selected in each 50 participating states and the District of Columbia.

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