July 27, 2022 Baltimore County

TOWSON, MD —The driveway bridge at 322 and 323 Worthington Road, which connects the Six Bridge Trail from Weatherbee Road to Worthington Road in Towson, has been closed to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The bridge, deemed unstable after an inspection by the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT), has been contained with an orange safety fence until it can be properly removed.
The County is currently awaiting a DPWT study to determine possible solutions to this issue and develop a plan to reconnect the trail. We will share opportunities for community input as this work progresses. 
We understand that this is a heavily used trail and these changes will impact residents who use the thoroughfare from neighborhoods to schools and connecting communities. In the absence of the bridge, two detour suggestions are available: DETOUR 1 and DETOUR 2