July 06, 2021 Baltimore County

TOWSON, MD —  Baltimore County officials today announced that the administration will be postponing plans to introduce legislation to create an oversight board for the Office of the Inspector General and will engage in a robust stakeholder engagement process to review proposed updates to rules governing the newly created office.

County spokesperson Sean Naron today issued the following statement:

"Our administration is proud to be the most open, accessible and transparent in Baltimore County’s history. In just a few years we have taken unprecedented steps forward, including creating and expanding the County’s first-ever Inspector General.

We remain committed to filling gaps in the current law to provide appropriate accountability measures, but we want to ensure all concerns are thoughtfully considered.

In the coming weeks, we will engage a diverse group of expert stakeholders to review and strengthen proposed policies so that we can help ensure the success of this important office.”

Since taking office, the Olszewski administration has taken significant actions to make County government more accountable to the people it serves. Olszewski’s first major legislative priority was a package of ethics and accountability reforms, which included legislation to create the County’s first Office of Ethics and Accountability, now re-named the Office of the Inspector General.