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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

Child Fatality Review Team

Child Fatality Review Team was established in Maryland by Senate Bill 464 of 1999. The portion of the law relevant to Child Fatality Review Team is contained in the Maryland Code in Article Health-General, Title 5, Subtitle 7. The law requires that each County establish a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team review of individual cases of child deaths. The ultimate purpose of the review process is to understand the circumstances around those deaths and to influence policies and programs to improve child health, safety and protection, and to prevent future child deaths.


The Baltimore County Child Fatality Review Team schedules meetings on the last Tuesday of every month from 9 to 11 a.m.

Important note: Due to the confidential nature of the individual child death reviews, the portion of the meeting designated for the purpose of case reviews will be closed to the public. Scheduled meetings may be canceled due to inclement weather or if no new referrals for case review have been received during the month.

View the Baltimore County Child Fatality Review Team meeting agendas and minutes for information pertaining to specific meetings.




  • Allison Blakely
  • Ari Blum
  • Courtney Brown
  • Antia Browne
  • Tamela Converse
  • Lisa Dever
  • Heather Dewey
  • Julie Dyer
  • Celena Falline
  • Janet Furman
  • Kim Glaze
  • Deborah Hermann
  • Kathleen King
  • Scott Krugman, M.D.
  • Nancy Manzo-Mattuci
  • Teresa Messler
  • Patricia Mustipher
  • Amy Park
  • Amber Riley
  • Don Schlimm
  • Lieutenant Jeffery Bryan Shanks
  • Ashley Weldon