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Residential Truck Traffic Work Group

The Residential Truck Traffic Work Group was established as a result of the Maryland General Assembly’s passage of Senate Bill 41 during the 2020 legislative session. The legislation enables Baltimore County to implement a vehicle height-monitoring system program to address the high volumes of commercial truck traffic on local roadways within communities in the southeastern and southwestern regions of the County.

Prior to the implementation of a program, Baltimore County must establish a work group including commercial transportation industry representatives to assist the County in:

  • Evaluating existing truck routes
  • Identifying areas for vehicle height-monitoring enforcement
  • Evaluating existing signage and identifying locations where signage could be improved

The work group will also examine and make recommendations to the County Council on:

  • Developing a map of height–restricted roads in the County and providing the map to operators using the best available technology
  • Developing and implementing a process for a vehicle owner to easily contest an erroneously issued citation without the necessity of a court hearing
  • Developing a process for the owner of a vehicle to identify and transfer liability to the operator of a vehicle responsible for incurring a citation
  • Exempting certain types of vehicles from enforcement by a vehicle height-monitoring system

Implementation of a vehicle height-monitoring system program cannot occur without approval of that legislation from the County Council and the legislation must include a provision limiting the overall number of vehicle height-monitoring systems to be utilized by the program.

Final Report 

View the Work Group’s final report which details recommendations for reducing truck traffic in residential areas through the implementation of a vehicle height monitoring camera program. View the recommended Baltimore County official truck route map discussed within the report.

Interim Report

View the interim report and addenda which outlines the Work Group’s goals and summarizes its discussions, findings and work to date.


The work group includes community members, industry representatives and County employees—bringing together all involved stakeholders to ensure that Baltimore County’s vehicle height-monitoring system program is implemented in a manner that addresses constituent concerns without creating an undue burden on vehicle operators.

  • Chair: D'Andrea Walker, Department of Public Works and Transportation
  • Matt Carpenter, Office of Budget and Finance
  • Pete Kriscumas, Office of Community Engagement
  • Captain Jan Brown, Police Department
  • Crystal Patterson, Office of Law
  • John Merson, District 1 Community Representative
  • Ron Metzger, District 7 Community Representative
  • Louis Campion, Maryland Motor Truck Association
  • Jeff Fraley, Baltimore Industrial Group


Work Group meetings have concluded.



DateLocationMeeting Documents
September 29Watch the recording.Agenda 
October 27Watch the recording.Agenda 
December 4Watch the recording.Agenda 

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For questions or more information about the Residential Truck Traffic Work Group, email

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