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Fair Election Fund Work Group

In his first month in office, County Executive Olszewski announced a package of reforms intended to improve accountability in county government and strengthen ethical standards, including a proposed charter amendment to create a system making a public financing option available to candidates running for County Council and County Executive.

In 2019, the proposed Charter amendment was passed with bipartisan support from the County Council and placed on the ballot as Question A in the 2020 general election. Baltimore County voters approved Question A on November 3, 2020.

As the establishment of this system is now required by the County Charter, the County Council must enact legislation to create a Fair Election Fund System for candidates running in the 2026 election cycle.


In order to ensure that this legislation reflects best practices in equalizing access to the electoral process, the County Executive has convened the Baltimore County Fair Election Fund Work Group. Chaired by Councilman Julian Jones, this bipartisan group of stakeholders will be tasked with making recommendations on the creation and implementation of the new public financing program.

  • Chair: Julian Jones, Baltimore County Council
  • David Marks, Baltimore County Council
  • Samay Kindra, Yes for A! Baltimore County Citizens' Election Fund
  • Emily Scarr, Maryland PIRG
  • Phyllis Panopoulos, League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
  • Joanne Antoine, Common Cause Maryland 
  • Eric Washington, Community Member

Read the Final Report

Read the Work Group’s final report, which details recommendations for the establishment of a Fair Election Fund System in Baltimore County.


Work Group meetings have concluded.


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For questions or more information about the Fair Election Fund Work Group, email

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