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Equitable Policing Work Group

The Baltimore County Work Group on Equitable Policing will examine policing policies and practices and make recommendations for ensuring equitable policing in Baltimore County. The Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) collects and reports data related to traffic stops annually to the Maryland Statistical Analysis Center.

A review of 2018 data shows that African American individuals were issued citations at a rate higher than other individuals. While the data does not necessarily indicate bias or discrimination, the County believes the data merits thorough examination. The first-of-its-kind work group will examine current policies, practices and training related to equitable policing in Baltimore County, and offer recommendations to ensure equitable policing practices and bring greater transparency and accountability to law enforcement.

The work group will:

  • Review and analyze data provided to the Maryland Statistical Analysis Center
  • Collect and analyze additional data from BCoPD
  • Analyze benchmarking data from other political subdivisions and comparable jurisdictions across the country
  • Review current written orders and manuals relevant to traffic and person stops
  • Meet with command staff and officers in BCoPD to examine how current policing practices and principles may be influencing the data
  • Review training and supervision that police officers receive with respect to implicit bias in policing
  • Review national best practices with respect to equitable policing, traffic and person stop practices and policies, training and supervision

The group will issue a formal report with recommendations.


The work group is chaired by Baltimore County Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Sevetra Peoples-Brown, and consists of a diverse array of knowledgeable individuals, including:

  • Chief Robert McCullough—BCoPD (ex-officio)
  • Colonel Joseph Conger—BCoPD
  • Councilman Julian Jones—Baltimore County Council District 4
  • Crystal Francis—Community Representative
  • Dr. Danita Tolson—President, Baltimore County NAACP
  • Giuliana Valencia-Banks—Immigration Affairs Outreach Coordinator (ex-officio)
  • Linda Shields—Chair, Police Accountability Board
  • Major Orlando Lilly—BCoPD (ex-officio)
  • Officer Derek Clark—Vice President, Blue Guardians
  • Officer Don Bridges—Fraternal Order of Police
  • Officer Shelley Knox—President, Blue Guardians
  • Patrick Taylor—Office of Community Engagement (ex-officio)
  • Rebecca Young—Baltimore County Deputy Administrative Officer (ex-officio)
  • Scott Shellenberger—State’s Attorney
  • Senator Charles Sydnor
  • Tony Fugett—Baltimore County NAACP
  • Vacant—Youth Representative

In The News

January 3: Baltimore County Work Group on Equitable Policing Announces Community Listening Sessions


Meeting Schedule

The work group will meet monthly for a period of at least six months. View the meeting agendas and minutes below.

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Contact Information

For questions or more information about the Equitable Policing Work Group, email

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Office of the County Executive

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County Executive

John A. Olszewski, Jr.