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County Connection
This e-newsletter is designed to keep you informed about what is happening around Baltimore County. This newsletter will be sent directly to your email twice a month. Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to stay connected in Baltimore County.

Community Updates
Receive monthly updates on zoning, development, public works and other issues. Baltimore County publishes seven e-newsletters, one for each of the seven council districts.

Baltimore County Advantage E-News
This periodic update will help keep you in the know about business and economic development activity in Baltimore County.

Baltimore County Volunteers - IMPACT
This periodic update will keep you posted on volunteer opportunities, educate the benefits of volunteering and highlight non-profit organizations supporting County volunteer programs.

Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board
Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board meeting documents have been posted.

Caregiver Connection
The Baltimore County Department of Aging publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which provides relevant news and tips to the caregivers of elderly parents, spouses and loved ones.

Commission on Disabilities
Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest Commission on Disabilities meeting documents have been posted.

Construction Contracts Invitation to Bids
Subscribe to receive email notification of new projects being advertised.

County Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plan
A committee of local citizens, elected officials and government staff is creating a blueprint for constructing pedestrian and bicycle facilities over the next 20 years. Subscribe to receive meeting announcements and updates.

Daily Electrical Inspection Notice
The Baltimore County Electrical Inspections Division distributes an email notice to keep you informed about daily scheduled inspections by district.

Design Review Panel
Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest Design Review Panel meeting documents have been posted.

E-News Stream
This periodic newsletter from the Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management will keep you abreast of what we are doing in the Watershed Management and Monitoring program.

Landmarks Preservation Commission
Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting documents have been posted.

Pikesville Commercial District Study
Subscribe to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings, events and information related to the Department of Planning's efforts in Pikesville.

Planning Board
Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest Planning Board meeting documents have been posted.

Plumbing Inspection Notice
Subscribe to receive Baltimore County Plumbing Inspections Division updates for Master Plumbers.

Professional Services Prequalification
Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors who plan to submit expressions of interest to work on Baltimore County projects can receive an email reminder to establish, or renew, prequalification for the Prequalification Cycle.

Quarterly Subdivision Reports
The Quarterly Subdivision Reports summarize approved plans and building permits for residential and non-residential development in Baltimore County.

Subscribe to Community Updates

Subscribe to Professional Services New Project Announcements
Receive email notification of project advertisements for architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and land surveying contracts for County agencies.

Subscribe to Technology Job Announcements

Subscribe to Weekly Solicitation Notifications
Register to receive weekly email notifications of current contracting opportunities in the areas of Commodity, Information Technology, Health and Human Services, Recreational Products and etc.

Surplus Furniture and Equipment Sale Announcements
Receive email notification for Baltimore County surplus furniture and equipment sales.

The Resource Newsletter
The Resource is Baltimore County's Solid Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, and Refuse Disposal newsletter.

Youth Services
Subscribe to receive the Department of Economic and Workforce Development's monthly newsletter promoting opportunities and resources for young adults.

Revised March 20, 2019         


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