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How Adults Can Prevent
Child Sexual Abuse

  • Form a basis for communication; talk to the child, get to know his/her feelings, thoughts, what he/she does, etc. Take advantage of discussion-starting situations like TV shows or movies.
  • Teach the child that his/her body belongs to him/her. No one has the right to touch him/her when he/she doesn't want them to or in a way that doesn't feel good. Do not force children to have physical contact with adults.
  • Teach them about good and bad touch.
  • Give them a working vocabulary they can use to tell adults about any touching that they do not like. Talk openly about sex in a manner appropriate for a child's age.
  • Teach them what to say and do if they are in a situation they do not like.
  • Teach them telephone numbers. Teach them to say "NO!" Teach them that sometimes it's OK to yell and get away.
  • Teach them to tell an adult if something is happening to them they don't like or are not sure is OK.
  • Act out different situations so they know how to protect themselves. Work with them asking "what would you do if" Practice safety techniques and an action plan with the child.
  • Teach them that sometimes people who seem nice, may not be.

Revised July 8, 2003 
Revised April 6, 2016         


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