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You Care ... So Be Aware

Child Safety Resources

Welcome to You Care ... So Be Aware, an online child safety resource for parents. When it comes to children's safety, parents are the best protection. Baltimore County is a resource for you. Experts from our agencies that deal with children help provide this online child safety resource. This online resource is designed to answer your questions about child safety, including the services Baltimore County offers.

Below are some topics that affect children's safety. Each subject provides a link to additional information.

Tips, Links and Resources

Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Discloses Abuse
Child Passenger Safety Seats
Choosing a Babysitter or Daycare Provider
Frequently Asked Questions
Injury Prevention
Internet Safety
It's Your Body
Phone Numbers Kids Can Call
Runaway, Missing and Exploited Children
Stranger Danger

Above are just some of the issues related to child safety. If you would like to see additional information on a particular topic not listed, please email the Department Health and Human Services at

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