Photo collage of man involved in incidents at grocery stores.Baltimore County Police are investigating two incidents involving an unknown substance being sprayed on women while shopping. This substance caused them to feel dizzy and weak. Police are seeking the identity of a man for his involvement in these two incidents.

On September 8, officers responded to the Giant grocery store in the 10200 block of Mill Run Circle, 21117, for a woman that was approached by a man claiming she had something on her pant leg. The substance, when touched, made the woman feel dizzy. The man followed her out of the store but when she made a scene that he was following her, he left the area. Surveillance footage from the store shows the man spraying an unknown substance on the woman and following her throughout the store.

On September 9, another incident occurred at Wegmans, in the 10100 block of Reisterstown Road, 21117, involving an unknown substance being sprayed on a woman. She also felt dizzy after touching it. In both cases the suspect approached the woman and pointed out the substance on their pant leg. Detectives believe that was done to have the women make contact with the substance. This woman reported the incident on September 22. Investigators believe the same suspect is responsible for both incidents.

There May Be Other Victims

Police are also asking if anyone else has been a victim of similar incidents to call 410-887-6975 and speak with detectives from the Franklin Precinct.