It’s every parent’s nightmare – the day your toddler learns to open the front door – and leaves.

For one mother that nightmare came true just before 7 p.m. Tuesday night. One minute 3-year-old Ian was playing with his older brother, the next minute the front door was open, and Ian was gone.

Every available officer from the Dundalk Precinct responded to the 8000 block of Park Haven Road when the call came out for a missing child. While other officers scoured the neighborhood, knocking on doors, checking every roadway, alley, driveway and yard, Ofc. S. Kramer responded to the home to gather valuable information and relay it to the other units. Ofc. Kramer stayed with Mom, keeping her calm, and searching all the unusual places where officers tend to find missing children who have hidden (and often fallen asleep) – wrapped up in bedding, under piles of laundry, in closets and cupboards, even in the dryer, to no avail.

It only took about ten minutes before Mom heard the words she was praying for come over the radio, “I got him.”

Ofc. T. Roberts spotted a tiny little figure matching the description of the wanted subject on a walkway between some townhomes, and after a brief foot pursuit, had the subject in custody. Mom was relayed to the location where mother and son were blissfully reunited.

Last night Ofc. Roberts, Ofc. Kramer, and the rest of the shift that came together, inundating a neighborhood to find a toddler safe, were reunited with little Ian and his grateful mother who brought enough food to feed an army (or at least a police precinct shift), including a cake with a heartfelt message, “Thank you.”