There is no special time of year for criminals to commit a burglary. However, spring and summer make it easier to steal valuables right from under us.

Stop criminals before they strike. Do these easy steps and you’ll keep what belongs to you.

  • Lock your vehicles whenever you park, whether in your driveway or on the street. Thieves go straight to the glove box and other storage areas looking for valuables – even loose change in plain view.
  •  Don’t leave extra keys in the vehicle. Some thieves have used spare keys to steal the vehicle or others at the same address.
  • The spare keys can also be used to make entry your home. This puts you and your family at risk if they get into your home.
  • Have online and other delivery services leave your packages at a designated location. You can specify your work address or a neighbor’s address. Thieves drive through neighborhoods looking for goods left on porches or doorsteps.
  • Always put lawn equipment in a locked shed or garage. If that isn’t possible, store the equipment in your basement.
  • Children’s toys are easy targets, especially bicycles. Put the toys in a locked shed or locked garage. Bring in toys at night or when you will be away for any length of time.

Use your storage areas to keep your valuables safe and use locks and other deterrents such as lighting to keep thieves away.

Don’t help the bad guys. Lock it up!