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It's been over a year since a masked suspect entered an apartment in Lansdowne and demanded money from a sleeping resident. Police are now asking for help from the community to bring this masked criminal and his co-conspirators to justice and return some sense of security to this victim and the rest of the neighborhood.

Last July a 67-year-old man awoke in the middle of the night, slid open the sliding glass door to his apartment balcony, and let his cat out to get some fresh air. He left the door cracked open and returned to bed. He awoke around 4 a.m. to a masked man with a gun in his bedroom tapping on his foot and demanding money "and all you got." The man knew what the criminal was looking for - his prescription Oxycontin and Methadone - because it wasn't the first time someone had broken into his apartment to steal his medications.

The man told the criminal he didn't have anything, because he didn't. He had long since removed his medications from his home and began storing them at a different location in an attempt to dissuade intruders from breaking in to steal them. The man was aware that a number of other residents knew about his prescriptions, as well as some unsavory women he'd spent time with, and word got around. He had hoped that word would get around that the drugs were no longer there, but this criminal hadn't gotten the message.

Something must have convinced the criminal that the man was telling the truth. He left without taking a thing or injuring the man.

Detectives got right to work after the man reported the home invasion, scouring the area for witnesses and clues. Neighbors didn't want to talk. Did they know something? Were they afraid? Information that was provided by some ended up leading detectives to dead ends. Eventually, the investigation came to a standstill. But police had one more card to play.

During the investigation, detectives recovered surveillance video from the outside of the apartment complex, and on it were the faces of the masked criminal's cohorts. The images aren't clear, but as Detective Williams said, "If you know them, you know them." Police are hoping you know them, and a year later will feel safe enough to come forward with their identities. "When you see such a brazen crime as this you know this ain't their first rodeo, and won't be their last. We just hope we can get them off the street before they hurt someone."

Police are now releasing a compilation video showing how the three suspects crept around outside the apartment complex in the dead of night, walking into one building, where you get a pretty good look at the unmasked suspects - a thin black woman who appears to play the part of the look-out, and another thin black man. In a second segment you see the trio attempt to get into the man's apartment by entering the apartment building and trying his front door, but when that doesn't work the masked black male suspect can be seen pulling out his gun and climbing up on the balcony where he entered through the sliding glass door that was left ajar.

You can help return a sense of security to this man and to the Lansdowne community. Watch this surveillance video on our YouTube channel and if you recognize any of these suspects call police at 410-307-2020 or at the Wilkens Precinct directly at 410-887-5163. You can remain anonymous.

Detectives from the Wilkens Precinct Investigative Services Unit are waiting to hear from you.

Police have identified the woman killed in a crash Saturday evening on Washington Boulevard at I-195 in Wilkens precinct.

Donna Lynn Corbin (56) of the 3000 block of Old Channel Road in Laurel, 20724, was killed when the 1994 Chevrolet Corvette she was riding in was struck on the passenger side as the driver attempted to cross traffic and enter onto the I-195 ramp. Both the driver and passenger were transported to area hospitals, where the passenger was pronounced deceased. The driver of the other vehicle, a 2004 Toyota Avalon, was unharmed.

The Baltimore County Crash Investigation Team continues to investigate this incident.

Revised June 27, 2017