Americans celebrate July 4th with picnics, cookouts, and fireworks. We like to party and, for some, that includes drinking alcohol. That’s fine, but don’t get behind the wheel.

Over the next six days, Baltimore County Police, and other Law enforcement agencies will be on the roads looking for drivers who drive impaired from alcohol and drugs.

Drinking and driving is against the law. Officers will arrest drivers who drink and drive. Driving Under the Influence is against the law. Driving Buzzed is against the law. If you are under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, the consequences are harsh. Attorney's fees, court costs, loss of driving privileges are just the beginning. Think about these key phrases:

  • Drive Sober or get Pulled Over
  • Remember Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

There is no good reason to drive after drinking. In today’s world there are taxis, hail riding apps, plus the designated driver. As for the designated driver, arrange for the driver BEFORE you start.

Have fun and arrive home safe and sound.