Over the next few weeks, Baltimore County Police will be out and about looking for those who drink and drive.

Police will be looking for drivers who are driving erratically, too fast, distracted and aggressive. If the officer believes a driver is driving while drunk or drugged, he will pull the driver over and ask for the person’s driver’s license and car registration. This will stop anyone who is driving without a license, has a suspended license or has outstanding warrants against them.

If the officer suspects that the driver is driving while intoxicated, a field sobriety test will be given. Should the driver fail the test, the driver will be arrested and taken back to the station. “Buzzed” and Drunk Driving are considered the same. A .08 is considered drunk in Maryland.

A DUI can cost the driver money and time. There are court costs, lawyer’s fees and fines. In some cases, the insurance will either go up or be cancelled.

Save money, time and most importantly, save lives. Don’t drink and drive.