Autumn is perhaps the prettiest season here in the mid-Atlantic. The foliage screams yellow, red and orange as we drive through our neighborhoods and along the highways.

The leaves change color and, as they do, they also dry and fall. As the leaves fall, they coat the roads. Beautiful. Fall is also the time for rain and wind as the season progresses. Rain hitting the leaves can leave the roads slick as ice. Treacherous.

Here at the Baltimore County Police Department, we urge drivers to take extra precautions when driving this autumn. Drive along the streets wet with leaves as you would drive on ice or snow.

It doesn’t take much to slide when driving at a reasonable speed such as 25 mph or 30 mph.

A downpour can also create a flash flood if the leaves are left to gather along the gutters in the streets. Road crews try hard to keep the water flowing, but as good citizens, we should check the drainage system for leaves and other debris that accumulates in the runoff. Beware when driving during downpours. It is easy to be caught in what appears to be a small puddle. If the water stretches across the street, it is deeper than you may think. Find an alternate route. Turn around, don’t drown!

Enjoy this beautiful time of year and use caution when driving in wet weather.