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Update (May 27, 11:08 a.m.):

Booking photo of Manooel Yerooshalmy.Baltimore County Police have charged a man in connection with an incident on May 26 where he was driving erratically and attempting to run people over.

Manooel Yerooshalmy, 33, from the 3600 block of Clarks Lane, 21215 was charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder, three counts of attempted second degree murder and various other charges.

He is currently being held without bail.

Original (May 26, 11:24 a.m.):

Baltimore County Police received a 911 call around 7 a.m. today for a person driving erratically in the 400 block of Mt. Wilson Lane, around the campus of Ner Israel Rabbinical College. The caller stated that the driver was trying to run people over and gave the tag and a description of the vehicle, a black Nissan.

As officers were en route, they spotted the vehicle at Mt. Wilson Lane and Reisterstown Road. They attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled southbound on Reisterstown Road. After a brief pursuit, the vehicle was stopped at Reisterstown and Fallstaff roads. The suspect would not comply with orders to get out of the vehicle so officers broke the driver’s side window in order to arrest the suspect. During the arrest one officer sustained an injury and was transported to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma as a precaution.

Police have determined that the suspect was a former student at Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Several people are being interviewed. At this time, investigators have determined that at least one staff member was targeted with the vehicle but was not injured. This is an active investigation.

The suspect has been arrested. Additional details will follow once formal charges are placed.

The Baltimore County Police Department is still watching for those who choose to speed, drive aggressive or distracted. As there is less traffic on the roads because more people are heeding the advice of staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that drivers can ignore the traffic laws.

There are still people who need to be on the road – police officers, fire fighters, medics, nurses, doctors. Don’t be a danger to others who are working tirelessly to save lives. Speeding has always been a main contributing factor to fatal crashes.

Police will stop drivers who speed and drive aggressively or distracted, and especially those under the influence. Those drivers will be ticketed!

Slow down, pay attention and think of others who are working around the clock. Drive safely to get you and others to the destination alive!

We are officially into winter. A little freezing rain or a slight snowfall and the streets can become ice skating rinks.

To avoid crashes this time of year, be prepared:

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast for below freezing temperatures. Evenings can become treacherous if you are not prepared for the dropping temperatures that cause an icy glaze.
  • Never pass a salt truck. Stay several car lengths behind.
  • Stay below the posted speed limit.
  • Leave ample space between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you so you have time to react.
  • Take your time when getting on and off roadway ramps as well as on bridges and overpasses. They freeze before the roadway.
  • Carry salt or cat litter in the trunk. Both can help provide traction if you get stuck on ice.
  • Of course, always wear your seatbelt. It is smart and it is the law.

The Baltimore County Police Department reminds drivers to avoid distracted driving while on the road. This includes using a cellphone to talk or text. A crash can happen while you’re looking down. It happens in the blink of an eye. Using your cellphone while driving is also against the law.

It goes without saying, aggressive driving and icy roads make a deadly combination.

Take your time, and if you don’t have to be on the road, stay off and enjoy the day.

Revised June 27, 2017