The Baltimore County Police Department asks every resident to participate in this year’s Community Assistance Network (CAN) Food Drive. Beginning on Monday, November 26, donation boxes will be conveniently located in the public areas of all ten police precincts. This provides easily accessible and secure collection sites for donations that will go directly to those who are struggling.

Citizens can drop off non-perishable food, canned foods, as well as hygiene and paper products such as bathroom tissue. Some suggestions of non-perishable nutritional foods include soups, tuna, salmon, chili, chicken and ham; peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables; hot and cold cereals; pasta and rice. If possible, buy packages that have flip-tops or do not require a can opener.

There are families who must face hunger every day. You have the power to help. CAN operates the largest food pantry in Baltimore County and provides supplemental food to 35 to 40 Baltimore County low-income families per day. Your donation provides supplemental food to the 23,000 people they serve in Baltimore County each year.

Drive Ends on December 14

This drive ends December 14. But don't wait until the last minute. When shopping, buy one item for your family and one item for a needy family. This simple act of kindness could literally save a life. Please drop off your donation today.