Police have arrested the suspect who stabbed a man in Woodlawn following a road rage incident.

Booking photo of Jeremy Kalan Hill, stabbing defendantJeremy Kalan Hill, 20, of the 1000 block of Coleridge Road, 21129, is charged with first and second degree attempted murder and first and second degree assault after a road-rage incident culminated in Hill stabbing the 49-year-old man.

Police and medics were dispatched to the victim's home after he drove himself there from the incident. He was suffering from multiple stab wounds to the upper body and transported to an area hospital where he is recovering.

The incident began around 2 p.m. when Hill cut the victim off while driving on Parallel Drive near Ingleside Avenue. The victim then cut in front of Hill, who in turn went around the victim again. This happened a few times before the victim stopped in front of Hill at the stop light at Ingleside Avenue, got out of his car, and confronted Hill. Hill sped away, striking the victim's car door as he left. The victim followed Hill, obtaining his license plate number, and confronted Hill again when they stopped at Coleridge Road near Channing near. An altercation ensued, ending with Hill stabbing the victim and the victim fleeing to his home.

Detectives from the Woodlawn Precinct Investigative Services Unit determined that the plate on Hill's vehicle was registered to a different vehicle. Detectives located Hill's vehicle and were able to arrest him as he was attempting to remove the registration plates.

Hill remains held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on no bail status pending trial.

Baltimore County Police reminds all citizens that it is potentially dangerous to confront another driver during a road rage incident. The safest action is to drive directly to the nearest police station, drive to a well-lit well-populated area, or call 9-1-1 to have an officer respond to you.