Sun glare is one of the most annoying and dangerous driving hazards. During the morning and evening traffic reports, traffic reporters warn us of spots where it is nearly impossible for drivers to see in front of them.

As a rule, the glare hits at morning and evening rush hour when traffic is usually running slow along the beltway and other main highways. Because we are driving at a slower speed, we have time to react. But on the side roads, that is another story.

Many mornings, the blinding sun glare hides pedestrians trying to cross the street. There are school children running to catch a bus. Children don’t often think and will dart out in front of you. In a matter of seconds a tragedy can happen. Take your time. No appointment is that important.

Dusk creeps in earlier and earlier every night. Just like the problems with glaring sunlight, evening dusk has its own dangers. Cars seem to blend into the roadway. It is more difficult to judge distance. The side streets can be a danger zone as cars seem to come out of nowhere in the evening dusk. Fortunately, today’s cars have daytime running lights to alert oncoming traffic. But take your time none the less.

At the end of the month, Daylight Saving Time will end and we will adjust to the shorter days and longer nights. In the meantime, be careful and take your time.