Baltimore County hazmat units responded this morning to a Baltimore County recycling facility in Cockeysville after a can containing a chemical substance ruptured, injuring several county employees.

EMS crews evaluated 15 to 20 employees at the scene for minor injuries caused when they were exposed to the unknown substance. About 10 people underwent decontamination procedures (i.e., showering). No one was transported. 

Fire Department units were dispatched at 8:40 a.m. to the Central Acceptance Facility in the 10200 block of Beaver Dam Rd. The 100,000-square-foot warehouse where the incident occurred is a sorting facility where county workers separate the single-stream recyclables collected at the curbside. The can that ruptured was moving on a conveyor belt.

The building was evacuated while hazmat crews ventilated it. Hazmat personnel identified the irritant as a non-hazardous substance in a can of dog training spray.