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Driving for many of us is a part of our daily routine. We drive to work, to school, or to shop. There are others on the road who spend their days behind the wheel of a semi-tractor trailer. We depend on them to deliver everything from milk to gasoline, fruits and vegetables to meat and poultry. You name it, a truck brings it.

Give those 16-wheelers some room

The drivers work long hours in all sorts of weather. They depend on us to be courteous and share the road.










Here are some important safety tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, on sharing the road with those big rigs:

  • When passing, you need to see the trucker’s face in his side mirror. If you can’t see it, then he can’t see you. Don’t drive in a blind spot. Slow down or move ahead to stay visible.
  • After you have passed the truck, look in your rear view mirror to be sure that there is sufficient room between you and the truck before you move back into the lane. Trucks need extra room to accommodate you. According to Utah’s Department of Transportation, it takes nearly the distance of two football fields for a fully loaded (80,000 lbs.) tractor trailer to stop when traveling 65 mph. A car (3,000 to 4,000 lbs.) takes about the length of a football field to stop at 65 mph.






  • Perception of the distance, reaction time and the braking distance all contribute to how we manage a safe stop both as truck drivers and average drivers. Basically, it means all drivers must be aware of the road conditions and the vehicles around us.
  • Never pass a truck while going downhill. Trucks pick up speed on downgrades.
  • Tailgating in any situation is dangerous but it is especially so when behind a truck. You are in the truck driver’s blind spot or the NO ZONE. Trucks are higher off the ground, if you don’t stop in time or get hit from behind, you could end up sliding under the truck.
  • Never try to pass a truck on the right as it is turning right. Trucks need more room to turn; squeezing by or getting between the curb and the tractor trailer is dangerous. Semis have a turning radius of 55 feet. Give the truck driver room to turn.

These tips are for dry roads. Be especially careful when driving in wet weather. Passing a truck is more difficult as the road spray hits the car’s windshield, leaving you temporarily blind to conditions. When possible, get in the furthest lane from the truck to have clear sight ahead and beside on major roads.

Most of these tips also apply to driving alongside buses. They too need more room to stop and turn.

Be courteous, drive safely and share the road!

The Baltimore County Police Department's 147th Recruit Class will graduate from the academy tonight. The ceremony will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Loch Raven High School, 1212 Cowpens Avenue, 21286.

The diplomas will be presented by Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence B. Sheridan, Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Trabert and Karen Kruger, Executive Director of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions. The oath of office will be administered by the Honorable Julie Ensor, Clerk of the Court for Baltimore County. Cantor Nancy Ginsberg will preside over the benediction and adjournment.

The recruits trained for 27 weeks and will spend the next two years in the field as they apply the skills learned in the classroom.

The new officers will report for duty on June 18 and be assigned as follows:

Precinct 1/Wilkens

Officer Brian Beck
Officer Jordan Riddick
Officer Jeanette Spann-Hodges
Officer Timothy Usher
Officer Hogan Walsh

Precinct 2/Woodlawn

Officer Alexander Iuliano
Officer Brandon Stearns

Precinct 3/Franklin

Officer Russell Bolander, III
Officer Nicholas Bowers
Officer Mathew Clingan
Officer Christopher Deel
Officer Redouane Soussi
Officer Colby Wagner

Precinct 4/Pikesville

Officer Yuliya Taranyk
Officer Sabree Thompson

Precinct 6/Towson

Officer Jason Feurer
Officer Quanje Hill
Officer John Iacoboni
Officer Steve Mwaura
Officer Paul Parent
Officer Amneet Sihota

Precinct 7/Cockeysville

Officer April Arnett

Precinct 9/White Marsh

Officer Joseph Addis
Officer Ryan DeMent
Officer Stephen Dutton, Jr.
Officer Trinity Fields
Officer Grayson Kemp
Officer Michael Lynch
Officer Paul Steindler

Precinct 11/Essex

Officer Chase Aiosa
Officer Juliann Elmer
Officer Brittani Genco
Officer James Haddix, Jr.
Officer Ryan Hubbard
Officer Tyrese Jackson
Officer Mariam Khraibani
Officer Michael Ruiz
Officer Antoine Trent, Jr.
Officer Casey Workenaour
Officer Aaron Wyatt
Officer Renita Young

Precinct 12/Dundalk

Officer Jack Britcher
Officer Vincent Miceli
Officer Gregory Parks
Officer Kyle Rider
Officer Sean Snee, Jr.
Officer Ryan Weigle

Aberdeen Police Department

Officer Candace Markiewicz

The Baltimore County Police and Recreation and Parks Departments are pleased to announce that 2018 summer camp activities will be held at three conveniently located PAL Centers – Scotts Branch, Hillendale and Dundalk.

The camps will begin on July 9 and run Monday to Friday for three consecutive weeks, through July 27.

The centers will open at 9 a.m. with activities lasting until 3 p.m. Area youth are encouraged to attend, with their parental permission, to travel on field trips to local attractions, participate in various sports-related activities and art and crafts, while learning opportunities are provided that are specifically suited for youngsters.

The camps will be staffed by PAL representatives and police officers who are looking forward to providing our youth with an engaging, safe and enjoyable environment this summer to strengthen community relationships while continuing to build upon meaningful partnerships.

For more information or to register, contact your local PAL center.

Revised June 27, 2017