Forty new paramedics and emergency medical technicians have been assigned to fire stations throughout the County following graduation from BCoFD's Fire-Rescue Academy.

Graduation ceremonies for the 110th Recruit Class were held last night at Loch Raven High School.

These new Fire Department members will spend the next two years as Probationary Emergency Medical Technicians (PEMTs) and Paramedics. They will continue their training in the field as they apply the skills learned in the classroom.

The following is a list of the new members and their assignments.


PM Christopher Carroll - Station 2/Pikesville
PM Julia Flickner - Station 12/Middle River
PM Mark Hagley - Station 3/Woodlawn
PM Ashley Johnson - Station 2/Pikesville
PM Darrin Keller Jr. - Station 13/Westview
PM Nicole Lentz - Station 3/Woodlawn
PM Emily McLucas - Station 18/Randallstown
PM Matthew Murphy - Station 15/Eastview
PM Robert Powell - Station 17/Texas
PM Leigha Reader - Station 5/Halethorpe

Probationary Emergency Medical Technicians (PEMT)

PEMT Christopher Amole - Station 1/Towson
PEMT Michael Anderson - Station 13/Westview
PEMT Christopher Baier - Station 5/Halethorpe
PEMT Lucas Berkeridge - Station 5/Halethorpe
PEMT Jordan Campbell - Station 11/Hillendale
PEMT Chantel Charles - Station 3/Woodlawn
PEMT Adam Cioka - Station 12/Middle River
PEMT Lawrence Coonfare - Station 12/Middle River
PEMT Bryan Dunlap - Station 55/Perry Hall
PEMT Holland Georgieff - Station 10/Parkville
PEMT Kenneth Greene Jr. - Station 7/Essex
PEMT Kelly Harkins - Station 18/Randallstown
PEMT Latoiya Hood - Station 54/Chase
PEMT William Keenan - Station 1/Towson
PEMT Nathaniel Krasner - Station 11/Hillendale
PEMT Eric Kuklinski - Station 54/Chase
PEMT Kascien Lancaster - Station 16/Golden Ring
PEMT Brian Lilley - Station 3/Woodlawn
PEMT Janelle McQueen - Station 7/Essex
PEMT Morgan Nally - Station 12/Middle River
PEMT Amanda Perez - Station 7/Essex
PEMT Hanna Poole - Station 15/Eastview
PEMT Misty Renshaw - Station 18/Randallstown
PEMT Jonathan Ross - Station 56/Franklin
PEMT Jason Rowe - Station 8/Fullerton
PEMT Karen Szczesniakowski -- Station 3/Woodlawn
PEMT Emily Taylor - Station 4/Catonsville
PEMT Ronald Taylor III - Station 6/Dundalk
PEMT Deonte' Terry - Station 12/Middle River
PEMT Bobbie Utz - Station 55/Perry Hall