For Mental Health Awareness Month, the Baltimore County Police Department is sharing information about the Baltimore County Mobile Crisis Team. This team is a part of the collaborative program between the Police Department, the Baltimore County Health Department, and Affiliated Santé Group, collectively known as the Baltimore County Crisis Response System.

The Mobile Crisis Team was created in the County in the summer of 2001, and pairs a licensed mental health clinician with a County police officer. The Mobile Crisis Team can respond to calls of service involving individuals in need of behavioral health assistance, mental health assistance or crisis intervention. This system puts those needing assistance in touch with resources, with no cost on the part of the individual. The care provided by the team also includes assistance with the treatment of substance abuse issues. This system relieves police manpower from situations which law enforcement personnel would be dealing with someone in crisis or the time transporting an individual to a local hospital for treatment.

If you need mental or behavior health services, you can call 410-931-2214. This hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with mental health professionals.