A Franklin Precinct officer has been transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment after a possible exposure to the dangerous synthetic opioid, fentanyl.

The officer was assisting in a multi-vehicle crash investigation on Hanover Pike near Bortner Road around 10:37 a.m. when she was alerted by medics to a possible narcotics violation. EMS personnel discovered a vial containing a suspected narcotic inside the medic unit after releasing one of the drivers who had been placed inside the medic for evaluation. The officer confiscated the substance and placed the driver under arrest for the suspected narcotics violation. She also conducted a search of the driver's vehicle for any additional illegal substances.

Around 11:42 a.m., while enroute to the Franklin Precinct with the arrestee and confiscated suspected narcotics, she began to feel nauseous and stopped the police vehicle on a parking lot at Hanover Pike and Glen Falls Road. Additional police and medics responded to that scene, transporting the officer to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment of a possible fentanyl exposure.

The officer is reported to be in good condition. The name of the arrested suspect is withheld pending formal charging.