Baltimore County Police have charged Alberto R. Yataco, MD., of the 1200-block of Culvert Road, 21286 with second-degree rape, sexual abuse of a minor, third-degree sex offense, two counts of fourth-degree sex offenses, and two counts of second-degree assault. Dr. Yataco is the owner and operator of Get Well Immediate Care located in the 7800-block of York Road, 21024. The investigation began when the Baltimore County Police Crimes Against Children Unit received a complaint from a 16-year-old female who felt that she was assaulted by Dr. Yataco. She told police that she was inappropriately touched by the doctor during a routine medical treatment. The victim felt that the doctor’s touching was not a part of her treatment. Detectives then learned of a second victim, a 28-year-old woman, who also claimed that she was touched by Dr. Yataco in a manner that did not appear to be consistent with her medical symptoms. Dr. Yataco is currently being held at the Baltimore County Department of Corrections on denied bail status. 

Anyone with additional information, please call the Baltimore County Police at (410) 307-2020 or the Baltimore County Police Crimes Against Children Unit at (410) 853-3650.