The Baltimore County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which opened 6 p.m Friday to coordinate a multi-agency response to this historic snowstorm, remains active.

Updates regarding snow removal and other public concerns related to the storm are posted on Twitter @BACOemergency and on our "Snowfighter" web page. (These updates appear on our other social media platforms as well.)

The major concerns at this time involve treatment for dialysis patients exhibiting symptoms such as swelling and shortness of breath; unoccupied vehicles blocking the roadways and impeding the progress of snow plows; and challenges in clearing snow from some side streets and cul-de-sacs.

Dialysis Patients

Emergency Management officials are concerned about dialysis patients who exhibit symptoms (swelling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations) and need treatment from their dialysis center. If you are experiencing symptoms, call 911; EMS personnel will respond and take you to a hospital.

Vehicles Blocking Roads

Our snow plow drivers report numerous unoccupied vehicles blocking roadways and preventing snow removal. Police will notified about unoccupied vehicles and will take appropriate action, which may involve towing the vehicle. Police are responsible for notifying the car owner.

Emergency Management officials encourage people to continue to stay off side streets at this time. If your vehicle gets stuck in snow, call 911 for assistance; please do not leave your vehicle unattended.

Snow Removal

Public Works crews continue to work 24/7 to clear roads of snow. Please bear in mind that this is a historic storm. If you have a medical, fire or rescue emergency, call 911. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience.

As of this morning, Public Works crews had made a single pass on the majority of county roads. Please note that this does not mean the road has been cleared, or that multiple lanes are open, or that every driveway has access to the road. The goal at this point is to make the road passable to as many motorists as possible.

Snow removal efforts are most challenging on the west side of the county at this time.

Crews will continue working through the week to clear roads of more snow.

Important reminders:

  • Responsibility for plowing or shoveling private driveways and private roads and  clearing vehicle rests with the property owner. Baltimore County DPW and Fire crews cannot plow or shovel private drivewaysm private roads or vehicles.
  • County plows cannot stop at every driveway to avoid piling snow in front of the driveway. We understand the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
  • Plow drivers are finding it difficult or impossible to reach courts and cul-de-sacs. If you live on a cul-de-sac or court, it will take time for snow removal at your address because the County cannot plow there and must bring in backhoes or front loaders.
  • For safety reasons, avoid shoveling snow into the street. 

Contacting Us

If highways crews have not made a single pass on your street, call us at 410-887-3560; our calltakers are receiving thousands of calls, and we appreciate your patience if you have difficulty getting through. If our crews have made a single pass on your street, please do NOT call us at this time. Crews will return for additional plowing once every street has been reached at least once.

You may also email us at; you may not receive a written reply.