Baltimore County Crossing Guard Retires After Nearly 55 Years
Helped Children at Arbutus Elementary School Stay Safe

Nearly 55 years ago, Catherine Drenner joined the Police Department as a Traffic Crossing Guard, and now she has decided it is time to move on.

Mrs. Drenner spent a portion of those years taking care of the children who attended the Arbutus Elementary School as they went to and from school.

Little did the mother of five know on March 14, 1961, that she would be a part of the lives of many children over the next 54 plus years.

According to Mrs. Drenner, this was the perfect part-time job for her as she raised her children. However, she never thought she would stay so long at the job. As she said in her letter to Officer Linda Mabry “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Police Chief Jim Johnson remarked that “We are fortunate here in Baltimore County to have dedicated people like Catherine, to watch over our greatest asset, our children.”

Mrs. Drenner and her dedication to the children of Baltimore County will be missed. We wish her a happy “retirement” and thank you.

Police Chief Jim Johnson presenting Catherine Drenner a certificate of
appreciation for her nearly 55 years of service as a Baltimore County School Crossing Guard