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Precinct 9 - White Marsh

Precinct 9 - White Marsh

Read news updates from Precinct 9 - White Marsh.
Keyword: 21237

At 4:02 a.m., four suspects cut a hole in the fence at the CubeSmart Self Storage lot to gain entry. The suspects then cut the locks and or hasps of seventeen storage units within the facility. It is unknown what is missing from the units at this time.

At 7:49 p.m., two known persons got into an argument and one was physically assaulted.

At 11:09 p.m., an unknown suspect(s) broke into a shipping container behind the Goodwill. Nothing was taken.

Sometime between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the victim's residence through an unlocked door and damaged various items. A coffee table was stolen.

At 4:11 p.m., a known suspect carjacked an occuppied vehicle. The suspect demanded the victim exit the vehicle and then drove off in the victim's vehicle.

At 6:40 a.m. a known suspect forced entry into the victim's residence through the basement. The suspect damaged multiple doors throughout the house. The suspect was arrested.

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Revised September 26, 2016