The following officers have been awarded Officer of the Month by their Commanding Officer:

January: Officer Hays #5109 for leading her entire shift in her level of enforcement while sacrificing her time and regular post car assignment to ensure the proper training of a junior officer. She was also the primary officer on a shooting on Handworth Way, working with detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit securing the crime scene, obtaining witness accounts, conducting interviews, obtaining a search warrant, collecting evidence, and ultimately charging two suspects in the crime: Police Make Arrests in Sunday Night Shooting in Carney

February: Officer Scott #4785 who uncovered a shoplifting scheme when he responded to a call for two brothers arguing. The brothers were arguing over money that one owed to the other, money that Officer Scott determined was the dividends gained by them shoplifting at WalMart and selling the stolen goods. Officer Scott made two arrests that day, and recovered and returned some of the stolen items.

March: Officer Scott #4785, again! He's on a roll! From felony CDS and distribution arrests, to driving under the influence of CDS, warrants, suspended drivers, and locating the suspect vehicle involved in an armed robbery fleeing from the scene, Officer Scott was busy this month. He made quality arrests on a significant number of cases, clearing twice the number of cases of anyone else on his squad. His hard work and dedication are outstanding.

April: Officer Savoy #5495 led her shift this month in case clearances and arrests, all while conducting 132 business checks during the overnight hours to prevent burglaries and other potential crimes from being committed. She also arrested an extremely intoxicated driver that almost caused a collision on Belair Road, located a missing vehicle in an unauthorized use case, and arrested a juvenile for possession of marijuana and committing a number of traffic violations.

May: Officer E. Lyon #5339 was on routine patrol when she conducted a records check on a temporary registration plate on a vehicle. The plate returned to a different vehicle so she conducted a traffic stop. A check of the driver revealed their license was suspended/revoked. Officer Lyon took the extra step of also conducting a records check on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which revealed that the vehicle was stolen in February out of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Virginia. The stolen vehicle was recovered and the driver arrested and charged. Excellent police work!

June: Officer Soussi #5954 made a traffic stop for a tint violation. She treats every citizen, even those involved in criminal activity, with respect and courtesy. That paid off in this case when she detected a narcotics violation. She'd already established such a rapport with the driver that he voluntarily gave her information on a drug dealer. Officer Soussi contacted the Vice/Narcotics Unit with the information she'd obtained, which resulted in a search warrant of a residence in Baltimore City where three guns and drug paraphernalia consistent with the distribution of drugs were confiscated. All of the involved criminals were charged.

July: Officer Laisure #5509 transferred to Parkville from the Woodlawn Precinct this year. He is a proactive officer who promotes teamwork amongst members of his shift and leads by example, also leading his shift in case clearances, arrests, and traffic enforcement. On a traffic stop for an aggressive driver he discovered the driver was driving illegally on a learner's permit, and discovered the driver was in possession of narcotics. The interview following the arrest led to Officer Laisure obtaining information that helped clear a Baltimore City homicide. A great example of good police work!

August: Dually awarded to Officer Marusko #4197 and Officer Savoy #5495.

Officer Marusko just transferred to the Parkville Precinct from the Mobile Crisis Unit and his experiences and knowledge have been invaluable, and specifically in a case involving a student displaying highly aggressive behavior as a result of severe mental health issues. Officer Marusko made a special trip to the school, which was not on his assigned duty post, to speak with the student, their parent, and staff. As a result, the Parkville Precinct Commander received a correspondence from an involved counselor praising Officer Marusko for providing extra time, empathy, understanding and advice to the parent having difficulty with their child, also stating that his thoughtfulness, kindness and resourcefulness was truly appreciated.

Officer Savoy again led her shift in case clearances and arrests, including 6 drunk driving arrests along with an astounding 81 business checks during the overnight hours. One arrest for a drugged driving offense occurred when the driver was stopped for speeding and driving erratically on Belair Road. Officer Savoy determined that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol but was under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. The suspect attempted to flee but Officer Savoy gave chase, apprehended and arrested the suspect. Another DUI arrest resulted from a stop of a vehicle traveling 77 mph in the Seven Courts residential area. Numerous alcohol containers were found in the vehicle, including an open bottle under the driver's seat, as well as a baggy containing cocaine. The driver was appropriately charged with all applicable offenses.

September: Officer Jenkins #5425 handled 117 calls for service this month while still maintaining a high level of proactive traffic law enforcement. He also handled two significant cases that both led to felony case clearances and arrests, one being a stabbing that he investigated and charged a woman with first degree assault, and the other being an attempted first degree burglary on Field Creek Way in which a female knocked on the victim's front door while the other suspect attempted to enter the home through a rear sliding glass door. When that failed the two suspects committed an armed robbery at Baskin Robins and were identified and charged in both cases, as well as being connected to a number of additional cases in other jurisdictions, due to the investigative measures Officer Jenkins took at both scenes. Well done!


November: Dually awarded to Officer Jenkins #5425 and Officer Judy #5479 

Officer Jenkins actively patrolled his post for criminal activity while maintaining a high level of traffic violation enforcement, including removing three suspended drivers and two uninsured drivers from the roadways and clearing a hit-and-run crash. Additionally, Officer Jenkins is a team player who can be counted on to handle his post, back up his squad mates, and work proficiently and professionally with little supervision.

Officer Judy conducted a thorough investigation of an assault in which the victim was initially uncooperative. Officer Judy used good communication skills with the juvenile victim and his mother to gain their trust and cooperation with the investigation, which led to the identification and arrest of three suspects: Three Charged in Serious Assault of Juvenile in Parkville