The Precinct 6 Officer of the Month is awarded as follows:

October 2017: Precinct 6 Investigative Services Unit:                                   Detective A. Bracken #3628, Detective T. Meckley #4089, Detective S. Bissett #4554, Detective E. Heyman #5110, Detective M. Ruby, Jr. #5653, Officer L. Ruiz #5880, Officer G. Suber #3616

The precinct Investigative Services Unit is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations into serious crimes to keep patrol officers from being inundated by numerous lengthy investigations, thereby freeing up their time for handling immediate incoming calls for service. As a unit, the significant number of investigations they conducted and cases they cleared by working together as a team showed exemplary commitment and service to the community in the Towson Precinct. Combining knowledge and investigative skills to work collaboratively, these detectives cleared 20 felony cases and 3 misdemeanor cases, making 18 felony arrests and 2 misdemeanor arrests. Additionally, they obtained 6 arrest warrants, executed 11 search warrants, recovered 3 handguns, and recovered over $55,000 in property. They sacrificed their own time with their families, working past their tour of duty and coming in to work while they were off, to ensure the successful investigation and clearance of these serious crimes.

Also included in this award are Officer Ruiz, a native Spanish speaking officer, who was critical in the investigation into a 1st degree assault with regard to information gathering, interviews, and identifying the suspects, and Officer Suber, a school resource officer who was instrumental in a number of cases involving juveniles, regarding intelligence gathering, obtaining suspect information, and in the case of a robbery/carjacking, effecting the arrest of the suspects.

This is a great example of the hard work these officers do every day and the level of intelligence sharing and cooperation between officers and units that keeps the citizens of Baltimore County safe. Excellent job, everyone!

November 2017: Officer A. Cardano #5692

Officer Cardano is the epitome of what every citizen hopes every officer will be - a crime fighter with compassion and empathy. In addition to the hard work that he does every day, Officer Cardano went well beyond the call of duty in November when he answered the call for service made by a 79-year-old homeless woman in desperate need of assistance.  Officer Cardano bought the woman food, clothing, and toiletries, then paid for her to stay several nights at a local motel, all out of his own pocket. While he was off duty, Officer Cardano followed up with the woman, took her to the Department of Social Services and assisted her with filing paperwork.  Liaising between the woman and DSS, Officer Cardano obtained temporary housing for her, and with the assistance of Councilman David Marks’ office they have been successful in providing continued housing for this woman. It is the acts of kindness that Officer Cardano displayed that make a difference in our community, making a difference in peoples' lives, one person at a time. Excellent work, Officer Cardano.

December 2017: Officer C. Farmer #5627

Officer Farmer conducted heavy criminal enforcement this month, clearing 18 cases and making 12 criminal arrests. Two of his cases were outstanding, including a burglary in progress. With the help of other responding officers, he located a person matching the description of the suspect, who was then confirmed to be the suspect by the victim. The suspect was arrested and charged with the crime. In another case he was dispatched to a home invasion/robbery for which he was quickly able to locate, identify, and arrest the suspects. He was later acknowledged by the Baltimore County Police Robbery Unit on what a great job he did with that case. Keep up the good work, Officer Farmer, and congratulations!