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Precinct 6 - Towson

Precinct 6 - Towson

Read news updates from Precinct 6 - Towson.

The September 2017 Commander's Award is issued to the members of the Towson Power Squad: Corporal D. Holt, Officer D. Bonhoff, Officer S. Bockstie, Officer R. Hoerr, Officer S. Johnson, and Officer R. Wagner.

The Towson Power Squad is tasked with handling the Central Towson area and all the ensuing issues. The members of this squad are self-motivated to not only respond to and handle the calls for service, but also develop a rapport with the business representatives and citizenry. The officers on this squad must strike a balance between enforcement of the applicable laws while presenting a community service by their mere presence and presenting a positive image of the police department.

During the month of September the squad successfully handled numerous incidents that ranged from drug arrests, first degree assault, theft, grand theft auto and various quality of life violations. They did so effectively, while maintaining a professional demeanor and positive image of police for the communities they serve. Your dedication and service to our community does not go unnoticed. Congratulations to all of you!

The Officer of the Month for September 2017 is Officer R. Rayner, for a second time this summer!

Officer Rayner had a busy September, clearing 11 misdemeanor cases, making 10 arrests, and clearing 1 felony case with an arrest. In addition, he also conducted an exemplary amount of traffic violation enforcement, resulting in the issuance of 198 pieces of traffic enforcement, and clearing 15 serious traffic cases, making 1 arrest. He also issued 8 criminal citations and 2 civil citations.

The most notable case he worked on this month was a home invasion robbery. A thorough and complicated investigation ultimately led to the arrest of two suspects, and the confiscation of a handgun and a rifle. Officer Rayner did a great job of making our community safer by getting these guns off the street and putting these bad guys where they belong, behind bars. Congratulations on a job well done, Officer Rayner!

While these two officers were not the chosen recipient for Officer of the Month Award for August 2017, their nominations are worthy of an honorable mention due to the contributions to the safety of our community and the result of their law enforcement work in the interruption of persistent crimes.

Officer S. Troyer #5698 was nominated for the Officer of the Month Award for her diligence, which ultimately led to the clearance of a number of overnight home burglaries. A series of these burglaries occurred during August, and detectives had run out of leads to follow, that is until Officer Troyer was dispatched to a burglary in progress. During her investigation she vigilantly canvassed the area until she located a subject behaving suspiciously enough for her to stop and investigate. She documented the field interview she had with the subject, and it was later determined that he was, in fact, the suspect responsible for the string of burglaries that had been occurring. He has since been charged accordingly.

Also nominated was Officer R. Daffron #5370 for his seizure of a large amount of illegal narcotics and multiple arrests in a narcotics violation that he investigated. His thorough investigation led to the confiscation of over 3 million dollars worth of illegal marijuana, $100,000 worth of cocaine, and over $20,000 in cash and assets, removing these dangerous drugs and criminals from our community. Very impressive!

These two officers exemplify the hard work and dedication it takes for a police officer to make a significant difference in crime reduction, increased safety, and better quality of life for the people in the community we serve, and their contributions are worth mentioning. Well done, officers!

The Precinct 6 Officer of the Month for August 2017 is Officer E. Scott #4785.

Officer Scott had a few notable cases that he cleared in August, distinguishing him from the other officers this month. One such case involved a rash of thefts from automobiles, a persistent problem across the County this summer. During another of these types of calls, Officer Scott located a suspect, who fled the scene. Officer Scott engaged in a foot pursuit, apprehended and arrested the suspect. During the search incident to arrest, Officer Scott discovered the suspect was also in possession of cocaine and marijuana. The suspect was charged accordingly, and Officer Scott was able to clear a string of theft cases.

Another case involved a dangerous intoxicated driver. Officer Scott made a traffic stop for a possible drunk driver, which he verified through a series of roadside sobriety tests. When he attempted to place the driver under arrest for DUI, the driver began to fight with Officer Scott. After the struggle, Officer Scott subdued the driver and placed him under arrest. During the search incident to arrest he found that the driver was armed with a handgun. This situation could have had a much worse outcome but Officer Scott was able to bring it to a safe resolution and remove another gun from the streets.

For a great job during the month of August, Congratulations, Officer Scott!

Officer D. Short #4787 was awarded the Commander's Award by Captain J. Landsman in the month of July and again in the month of August.

Officer Short is an invaluable member of the Towson Traffic Enforcement Team. He is hard working and dedicated to keeping the streets of Towson safe for it's drivers. During July he cleared 14 serious traffic cases and 1 misdemeanor case, making 1 arrest, issuing 104 pieces of enforcement for traffic violations, and handling 3 crashes. In August he had an even busier month, clearing 15 serious traffic cases, 2 misdemeanor cases and 3 felony cases, making 7 arrests, issuing 141 pieces of enforcement for traffic violations, and handling 17 crashes.

The most noteworthy case Officer Short handled in July involved a traffic stop, during the course of which he confronted the driver when he detected the odor of Marijuana. The driver fled the scene but Officer Short was able to locate the vehicle in Baltimore City, where he also recovered an illegal firearm.

In August Officer Short handled a call for subjects arguing on a business parking lot, one of them armed with a knife. When he arrived on the scene one suspect fled on foot but was apprehended after a foot pursuit. Officer Short conducted a thorough investigation which led him to determine that two vehicles driven there by the suspects were stolen, and that the subjects involved were also responsible for several other thefts from autos and thefts of vehicles. Officer Short made several arrests that day, solving a number of crimes.

Officer Short put a lot of hard work in over the summer to keep our streets and community safe. Congratulations on being the recipient of, not one, but two Commander's Awards!

The Precinct 6 Officer of the Month for July 2017 is Officer R. Rayner #4890.

Officer Rayner is a dedicated member of the Towson Precinct Traffic Team. During the month of June he issued 233 pieces of traffic violation enforcement, cleared 22 cases, and made 3 arrests while working only 12 1/2 days!

Officer Rayner had two noteworthy cases during July. The first involved a driver he stopped and determined to be driving while impaired by drugs. He arrested the driver and found a large quantity of both cash and what was determined to be cocaine during the search incident to arrest. The driver was charged with both the DUI and the narcotics violations.

The second case involved a traffic stop on what turned out to be a vehicle stolen during a commercial burglary where several other vehicles were also stolen. Officer Rayner's clearance of this case assisted with the other cases also being cleared.

Officer Rayner clearly works hard to keep the streets of Towson safe for our residents. Congratulations on earning the Officer of the Month award for July!

The Precinct 6 Officer of the Month for June 2017 is Officer S. Holmes #5545.

During the month of June Officer Holmes cleared 10 cases, 4 of which resulted in arrests of the suspect, along with his regular duties and enforcement of traffic violations.

Officer Holmes had two notable cases during June. The first involved a burglary in progress on East Burke Avenue. While Officer Holmes was enroute to the call, the suspect left the location but burglarized a second house on the same street. Officer Holmes located the suspect, whom witnesses positively identified as the person who committed the burglaries. He was arrested and charged for both crimes.

The second involved a call for a theft from auto that just occurred. Officer Holmes conducted a thorough investigation and dissemination of information which led to area units locating two possible suspects. Both were positively identified as the suspects who committed the crime. During a search incident to arrest, Officer Holmes discovered property on the suspects that he determined was stolen in a fourth degree burglary committed nearby that had not yet been discovered and reported by the owner. Officer Holmes made the arrests, and returned the stolen property to its rightful owners.

For a great job serving the residents of Baltimore County, congratulations on being awarded Officer of the Month!

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