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Precinct 4 - Pikesville

Precinct 4 - Pikesville

Read news updates from Precinct 4 - Pikesville.

At approximately 2:42 a.m., three unknown suspects gained access to the second story balcony and shattered the glass door. An audible alarm sounded, and the suspects fled the location. No items were taken.

At 2:18 a.m., the victim and suspect were in an argument over a phone, when the suspect pulled out a silver colored handgun and pointed it at the victim. The victim fled back to their apartment and the suspect left the location.

At approximately 12:45 a.m., an unknown armed suspect entered the Metro PCS located on the 8200 Block of Liberty Road, and instructed the store clerk to open the register and safe. The suspect left the location with a large amount of cash inside the safe.

At approximately 12:10 a.m., an unknown armed suspect entered the 7-Eleven located on the 8000 block of Liberty Road. The suspect demanded money from the register, and stole cash from the cashier on their way out of the location.

In the last week the Pikesville Precinct has experienced an increase in package thefts, particularly along the Milford Mill Road corridor.  These packages have been delivered and left unattended at residences.  Detectives are actively investigating these cases.  Please see the following recommendations to prevent your packages from being stolen:

Package Delivery Theft Prevention

In most occasions, when you order items and the merchandise is delivered straight to your home, the boxes are left unattended at your front door.  Most deliveries DO NOT require a signature. These packages can catch the eye of potential thieves and can offer criminals that “crime of opportunity.”  Thieves who are looking to steal these packages will follow or watch for UPS, Fed Ex, USPS Mail, and other delivery service trucks so they can target your home after the parcels are delivered.  Follow these tips to prevent packages from being stolen from the front of your home:

  • Ask for a tracking number. Most major shipping companies offer this service at no charge. This number allows you to track your packages and notifies you when they will be delivered.
  • Request a “Signature Delivery Option.” This requires a signature when the packages are delivered and ensures they will not be left at the front door.
  • Request a specific drop off time and date when you will be home to accept your packages.
  • Arrange to have your packages held at the shipping service so you can pick them up.
  • Ask the delivery service to leave your packages at a side or back door. You could also request the delivery service to leave packages in an enclosed porch so that the packages are out of sight.
  • Have your packages delivered to your workplace or home of a friend / relative / neighbor who will be home to accept your packages.
  • Ask to have your packages delivered to a participating retail store so you can pick them up at your convenience.

Pleas, be vigilant and report any activity, persons, or vehicles in your neighborhood that seem out of the ordinary. If you notice suspicious activity, safely get a good description of the subjects and/or vehicle and call 911. Officers will respond to investigate the person and may just catch a criminal in the act or prevent a crime from happening to begin with.


At 3:12 a.m., an unknown suspect threw a rock through the front door of the location, and gained entry to the location. Once inside, the suspect looked at removing the safe, but determined it was too large to carry. The suspect left the location after.

At 10:34 p.m., two unknown suspects were firing handguns in the 6600 Block of Sanzo Road. The suspects then forcibly removed the victims from their vehicles and fled the area.

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Revised September 28, 2016