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Precinct 3 - Franklin

Precinct 3 - Franklin

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Between 2:50 and 4:45 p.m., an unknown suspect attempted to entered the victim's residence through the front door but failed.
At 9:14 p.m. the suspect arrived at the location and began arguing with the victims. The suspect, Michael Maurice Brown (36) of the 100 block of Village of Pine Court, 21244, who is known to the victims, stabbed one victim in the abdomen and physically assaulted three additional victims before fleeing the scene. He was arrested on a warrant for 1st and 2nd Degree Assault and Dangerous Weapon-Intent to Injure and is being held on denied bail status at the Baltimore County Detention Center.
At 7:30 p.m., four suspects entered Franklin High School. The suspects ran out when they made contact with police. All three were arrested later.
At 2:05 a.m., the three unknown suspects forced their way into the victim's garage, then stole the victim's motorcycle. The suspects fled the area and police found and arrested them sometime later.
At 8:19 p.m., two unknown suspects approached the victim while he was in his vehicle. Both suspects were armed with hand guns. The suspects stole the victim's wallet, cellphone and belt.
Between 9:30 and 10:53 a.m., two suspects broke into the house by damaging the back door to make entry. Once inside, the suspects stole a key and key chain. The suspects were arrested later.

The Precint 3 Officer of the Month is awarded as follows:

July 2017: Officer S. Dix #5380

Officer Dix did an excellent job this month of utilizing the interview skills and investigative skills he has developed to solve two different armed robbery cases, resulting in the arrests of 7 suspects. He is an astute officer and a persistent and determined investigator who works hard to solve his cases for the victims involved. He also made one arrest of a person driving under the influence of alcohol, keeping the roadways safe for the rest of the drivers in the Franklin Precinct. Officer Dix is committed to his duties as an officer of the law and to the citizens of Baltimore County, and strives to do his job to the best of his ability every day. Well done, Officer Dix!

August 2017: S. Stargel #5524

Officer Stargel is a dependable officer who routinely puts the needs of the citizens she serves before her own, dedicating herself to thorough, time-consuming investigations to ensure the positive outcome of her cases. One such investigation involved identifying and arresting a suspected "peeping tom" who was using his cell phone to take "up-skirt" photos of unsuspecting female customers in a local grocery store, some of which were determined to be juveniles. A search warrant conducted on the suspect's phone revealed thousands of photos of unidentified victims. Officer Stargel continues to identify victims in this case, which, once finally completed, is likely to result in felony child pornography charges. Excellent work, Officer Stargel!

September 2017: B. Spicer #5296

Officer Spicer is a diligent investigator, willing to go above and beyond to clear his cases. One case he worked involved multiple thefts of bicycles occurring on different shifts, each reported to different officers. Officer Spicer was aware of the crime trend, conducted numerous interviews and obtained video surveillance that helped in identifying and charging six juvenile suspects with 4th Degree Burglary. He also recovered three of the stolen bikes and returned them to their rightful, and grateful, owners. Officer Spicer is also a professional and compassionate officer, demonstrated by his handling of a 2nd degree child abuse call he was assigned. His patience and empathy resulted in a detailed interview with the minor child, ensuring a successful prosecution of the offender. Officer Spicer is a role model for newer officers, exemplifying the core values of this Department, Integrity, Fairness, and Service. Well done, Officer Spicer.

October 2017: Shift 2

In an unusual twist, the entirety of the Franklin Precinct Patrol Shift 2 is awarded "Officer of the Month" for October, based on the level of teamwork, dedication, and selfless effort put forth by the members of this shift. Their cohesiveness has led to an unsurpassed effort to clear major crimes while maintaining a good relationship with members of the Franklin community. Together they cleared 4 felony cases, 54 misdemeanor cases, 24 traffic related misdemeanor/felony cases, made 12 warrant arrests, 13 felony arrests, 29 misdemeanor arrests, and stopped and arrested 4 drunk drivers. The totality of cases are too many to highlight, but their nominating supervisor said, "I am beyond proud of these officers and their continued dedication to each other, the precinct, and the community." Well done, Shift 2!

November 2017: K. Rich #5909

Officer Rich's supervisor says, "She never settles for marginal results..." That was clearly demonstrated in the effort and hours of work she put in on a counterfeit currency case she handled. She was initially dispatched to a call of a fraud that just occurred at the 'Dash In' on Main Street. Officer Rich obtained suspect and vehicle descriptions and collected evidence after a man attempted to purchase an item with a counterfeit $50 bill. Officer Rich determined that the suspect also attempted to pay for items with counterfeit cash at a number of other stores along Main Street, and finally caught up with him, as well as two co-conspirators, at the Aldi store, where they were attempting to use more counterfeit money. As a result of her thorough and time consuming investigation, Officer Rich ultimately cleared seven fraud cases, including at least one case from October. She confiscated $515 in counterfeit currency and returned all of the merchandise that had been purchased fraudulently. She arrested and charged all three suspects with theft, counterfeit currency, theft scheme, and additional narcotics violation charges when she also discovered enough Cocaine for a distribution charge during the search incident to arrest. Congratulations, Officer Rich, and good work!

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Revised January 30, 2017