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Precinct 3 - Franklin

Precinct 3 - Franklin

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Keyword: assault

At approximately 6:30 a.m., a known suspect groped the victim and left the location shortly afterward.

At 10:09 p.m., two suspect approached the victim and pointed handguns at the victim. The suspects fled the location after the victim identified by himself.

Between 10:00 p.m. September 6 and Midnight September 7, unknown suspects assaulted and robbed the victim. The suspects slashed the victim's arm and stole cash.

At 3:27 p.m., a known juvenile suspect was seen having the victim in a choke hold. The suspect was arrested after letting the victim go.

At approximately 11:05, two unknown suspects forced their way into the victim's apartment. The suspects then threatened the victim over a previous incident. The suspects then left the location.

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Revised January 30, 2017