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Precinct 3 - Franklin

Precinct 3 - Franklin

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Date: Jan 2020

At 9:36 a.m., an unknown suspect used tools in an attempt to gain entry to the residence through the bedroom window. They were unsuccessful.

At 5:55 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the location by force and stole a game system and other property.

The following officers have been awarded Officer of the Month by their Commanding Officer:

January: Officer Beckford #5912 for an outstanding month of enforcement, which is not unusual as this is his fourth award for Officer of the Month since beginning his career in law enforcement with BCoPD in December of 2015. Officer Beckford is a proactive officer who maintains an awareness of crime trends and other issues on the post he patrols. Being aware of a warrant for a resident in the Pleasant Ridge area, he maintained a presence in the area until he located the wanted subject and made the arrest, making a large narcotics and paraphernalia seizure and adding distribution of narcotics to the list of charges on this criminal.

February: Franklin Precinct Community Action Team (Sergeant Harvey #4059, Officer Stewart #4145, Officer Yowell #4221, Officer Daum #5533, and Officer Klein #4229) for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to the job and their teammates. Together they devised a plan to serve the precinct's outstanding warrants, and accomplished serving more than 60% of them, beginning with the most serious warrants and in serving warrants in high crime areas, thus also tackling efforts to reduce crime in those areas through saturation of police presence. 

March: Officer McElfish #5904: Officer McElfish responded to the area of a reported armed robbery at Rice Fish restaurant and located a vehicle he found to be suspicious. When he attempted to initiate contact with the driver, the vehicle fled, but the driver was ultimately caught and arrested, and confirmed to be the suspect of the armed robbery. 

April: Officer Deel #6085 and Officer Clingan #6084 are jointly awarded. Both officers were exceptionally productive with case clearances and initiative displayed during investigations. Most significantly, however, was the impact they had on a pedestrian involved in a motor vehicle crash with major injuries. The quick work these two officers did in applying tourniquets and administering first aid likely saved the pedestrian's life.

May: Officer Besaw #5259 and Officer Aracil #4926 were jointly awarded for their roles in capturing a suspect wanted for numerous armed commercial robberies across west side precincts. Their quick response to an armed robbery at a Royal Farm store on Reisterstown Road allowed Officer Besaw to locate the suspect vehicle as it was fleeing and give the location out to other units, which in turn allowed for Officer Aracil to remain in that area and locate it after it crashed. A gun was also located and confiscated.

June: Officer McGrath #6061 made three separate traffic stops during the month, each for a violation of traffic law, which all resulted felony arrests for CDS distribution when large quantities of marijuana were recovered. Officer McGrath is unrelenting in attempts to clear cases he is assigned. One example is a case of a counterfeit check passed at a local bank which took two months to solve, but after obtaining a subpoena for video evidence from an uncooperative bank, Officer McGrath was able to identify and charge the suspect. He is a newer officer, but consistently sets an excellent example for other officers with his positive demeanor, intelligent use of investigative measures and superb work ethic.

July: Officer Beckford #5912 is once again awarded Officer of the month. In July he made 27 case clearances, with traffic and criminal enforcement well above the average for his shift. His more notable cases included a traffic stop for speeding that resulted in charges against the driver and passenger for drug distribution and confiscation of the drugs and associated paraphernalia. And when he offered a person a courtesy ride after responding to a disturbance call, he detected the odor of marijuana which led to a search of the person and their property. He discovered and confiscated the marijuana, but also located a large number of checks that did not belong to the subject, resulting in him initiating an investigation into an economic crime. Lastly, Officer Beckford located the suspects that just fled a robbery and was instrumental in their apprehension. Officer Beckford is an asset to his command and to this department. We are proud to have him serving our community!

August: Officer Clingan #6084 is a newer officer who has become detail oriented, motivational to other officers, and maintains a high case clearance rate. Officer Clingan enthusiastically investigated a number of identity theft cases, which can be difficult and time consuming investigations. While continuing to answer calls for service during his patrol shift, he also investigated these cases thoroughly, obtaining the necessary probable cause to clear these cases. Very well done.

September: Officer Bowers #6083 for his diligence & dedication to law enforcement. He always goes the extra mile, routinely leads his shift in case clearances and proactive enforcement, and sets an example of high standards to newer officers. One significant case Officer Bowers handled was a call for a robbery of a 10-year-old child at knife-point. The father of the child chased the suspect into a local grocery store. After reviewing store surveillance video, Officer Bowers identified the suspect himself from prior contacts. He responded to the suspect's house and placed him under arrest, charging the juvenile offender as an adult and returning the stolen property to the young victim.

October: Officer Rutledge #6135 because his case clearance rate and professional conduct are an example to all officers. As one of the newer officers on the shift he has rapidly developed into an example for new police officers to emulate. He has become an effective investigator during his short tenure of less than two years, he is diligent about handling his post and maintaining visibility in a proactive approach to crime deterrence, and he handles every contact with confidence and professionalism expected of a more experienced officer. Keep up the great work!

November: Officer Rich #5909 is a dedicated officer with a work ethic and professional conduct that set her apart from the rest and set the example for all officers. She is also a skilled investigator who investigated two 4th degree burglaries and was able to link both of them to additional burglaries, including one in which a window was shot out of a home and the suspect was linked to a prior burglary at the house next door! Great job!

On January 29, three unknown suspects robbed the victim of their possessions, including their vehicle.

At 7:00 a.m., an unknown suspect forced entry into the victim's detached garage and stole five dirt bikes from inside.

At 10:25 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the victim's top floor window, stole purses and clothing, and fled the location in an unknown direction.

At  4:44 p.m., an unknown suspect attempted to break into an apartment, but was unsuccessful.

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