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Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Read news updates from Precinct 2 - Woodlawn.
Date: Jun 2020

At 6:32 p.m., the victim and two suspects got into a verbal argument in reference to a work dispute. The suspects became irate, physically attacked the victim and then stole his book bag. The victim sustained minor injuries and the suspects were arrested.

At 8:30 p.m., the suspect approached the victim with a knife in a striking motion and spoke in a threatening manner. As the suspect was leaving the apartment, the suspect slashed the victim's air mattress. The suspect was later apprehended.

Sometime between 12:07 and 1:03 a.m., several unknown suspects entered the DC Dental warehouse and stole cleaning supplies.

At 7:53 a.m., the suspect and the victim got into a physical altercation. The suspect was identified and arrested.

Between 10 p.m. June 21 and 6 a.m. June 22, the unknown suspect used force to open the front door at Superior Shine. Once inside, the suspect entered the shop then forced open the office door. The suspect left the location without taking any items.
At 12:48 a.m., several unknown suspects entered the DC Dental warehouse and stole cleaning supplies.
At 5:50 p.m., the known suspect displayed a knife and pointed it at the victim during a verbal dispute with the victim. The suspect also slashed the victim's tire with the knife.
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Revised September 28, 2016