The following officers have been awarded Officer of the Month by their Commanding Officer:

January: Officer T. Allen #5531 who conducted an incredible amount of self-initiated enforcement and outstanding devotion to his work which resulted in a significant number of case clearances and felony arrests. He is also recognized for consistently leading his shift in enforcement month after month, demonstrating his dedication to law enforcement and the safety of the community he serves.

February: Officer Womack #4959 and Officer Young #5607, SROs at Woodlawn High School, work together to keep the large student population there safe every day. They have attended construction meetings during an extensive construction project at the school and presented insight and suggestions for improvements on the construction plans. They have fostered positive relationships with faculty and students alike, which has built a trust that has led students to report things that may have otherwise gone unreported. They strive to mentor and guide the students as they interact with them every day, while providing a safe environment and addressing situations as they arise.

March: Officer McNulty #5967 for his exceptional proactive enforcement while still handling his post. He answered 235 calls for service this month and still led his squad in total enforcement and arrests, and clearing 15 misdemeanor traffic related cases. On one traffic stop for a speeding violation he detected CDS, searched the vehicle and seized illegal drugs and a loaded fully automatic handgun. On another call for a suspicious vehicle he observed the passenger attempt to conceal something under the front seat as he approached. It turned out to be a loaded handgun, which he was able to seize and charge the suspect. 

April: Officer Wolford #5987 who made a great grab after responding to a call of a carjacking on North Rolling Road around 5:30 p.m. Using the cell phone tracking system the victim was able to give the general location of the stolen vehicle and Officer Wolford found it. The vehicle fled into Baltimore City where the suspects jumped out and fled on foot. Officer Wolford recovered the vehicle, a handgun that one of the suspects dropped as he fled, another handgun inside the vehicle, and shortly thereafter, one suspect was apprehended.

May: Officer McQuay #5244 for his ability to use knowledge of traffic laws to initiate street level drug investigations. In one case, a stop on a suspicious vehicle led to the seizure of marijuana and a loaded handgun reported stolen out of Pennsylvania while he was actively patrolling parking lots of the apartments along Essex Road. A traffic stop for seat belt non-compliance led to the seizure of more marijuana and another loaded handgun. And while conducting business checks along Liberty Road he noticed what he believed could be a drug transaction between a pedestrian and occupants inside a vehicle. As he approached the pedestrian fled. He was able to stop the vehicle and determine that it was stolen in a carjacking in Baltimore City. Three occupants were arrested and two handguns and marijuana were seized. One of the arrested suspects was later identified by Baltimore City as a suspect in the original carjacking case. 

June: Officer Vitacco #5958 was investigating a reported burglary when he observed what he recognized as marijuana plants being grown in a neighbors yard. The home was secured while the Vice/Narcotics Unit responded to assist. Ultimately, a search warrant yielded the confiscation of 73 marijuana plants, more than 3 pounds of loose leaf marijuana, over $3000 in profits from the illegal manufacture and sale of controlled dangerous substances, the arrest of four suspects charged with a myriad of illicit drug-related offenses, including felony distribution, and the end to an intricate illegal grow operation. Very well done, Officer Vitacco!